Month: April 2011

The day we have all been waiting for….

Today is officially the day after the final frost date. According to Meg, the final frost date is April 28th. Before then, the unplanted trees in pots live in the greenhouse. They are crowded and too tall. Now is the time where all of the potted trees get to go out to the world because…
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April 29, 2011 0

Childhood dreams…

One of the great things about being the blogger here at O.U.R. is that I can make it all about me, almost whenever I want. I try and hold back most of the time, but this was just too funny. So, a few weeks back, Kate (the bossy one…) and I were sitting in the…
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April 28, 2011 0

Jean Crowder raises a good point… or two

It’s unusal that the ecovillage expresses a political stand. In fact, I think I only referred to any sort of political leaning once in a facebook status. But today… today I have to post this because it impacts what we do and how we live – and likely what you do and how you live.…
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April 26, 2011 0

Skill testing questions

Alright blog readers! Here is your chance to get your feet wet! The following are the annual scavenger hunt clues for this year’s Easter Egg Hunt at OUR. Trent suggested that we put it out to the wider community, so here we go! Rules of the game: The person who produces the most correct answers…
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April 25, 2011 0

Jorden Speaks

I know all y’all have been waiting for this in the same sort of expectant, anxious way that I have… Jorden has finally coughed up a blog post! I’m so proud. Oh. And Jorden’s new… so, unlike me, he might not keep writing for the blog if everyone stays lurking in the shadows of the…
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April 22, 2011 0

Chic chick cheeps

This morning while I took a shower, I set up my little microphone on my iPod on top of the incubator to see if I could catch the sound of chicks cheeping. I had to listen to a 15 minute recording of strange little muffled sounds to get to it, but voila… les chic chicks…
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April 20, 2011 0

Movie Monday: Shaw TV & Green Burial

Today I am stoked to show you an up close view of the Green Burial Scattering Ground Dedication Ceremony that took place at OUR Ecovillage on March 22, 2011. Jen Muranetz (twitter link) was a one woman show who came and beautifully illustrated what the Green Burial initiative at OUR is all about… need I…
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April 18, 2011 0

Ten Organic Crop Yield Improvement Tips

Yesterday I was tweeting away when @DBTutoring tweeted me a recommendation that I check out a local gardeners (@Crazydogfarm) top ten tips for increasing yield… but for some reason I though they wanted me to write such a blog post. So, I warbled over to Meg from the garden team and asked if she would…
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April 14, 2011 0

Lisa gets to meet her superhero

I just finished a phone call with Dr. Don M Huber who has been leading the glyphosate research, namely the effects of Roundup Ready Seeds on animal miscarriges, plant health, soil health… people health. I have been patiently waiting for this call since friday, when he wrote me back to say that he would be…
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April 13, 2011 0

One more day…

till I can write what I can’t wait to write.  till then, how bout Movie Tuesday since I some how didn’t post a movie on monday? This one made me cry. It’s worth watching twice…  

April 12, 2011 0