Month: May 2011

Natural Building Colloquium: A review

The 10th Annual Natural Building Colloquium was an incredible success this year with over 100 people in attendance over the 4 day conference. Loads more attended through the livestream hookup that Javan organized. We had incredible, natural building renowned speakers in our midst such as Kevin Pegg from Energy Alternatives, O.U.R. own Elke Cole, Jack…
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May 21, 2011 0

Natural Building Colloquium 2011 Livestream

This is a schedule of the events for Natural Building Colloquium 2011, which may or may not be on the Livestream, depending on their location on-site. Ooooh… and the twitter hash – #nbc2011. Time Thurs Fri Sat Sun 9am Introductions Kealan: Fertilizer & Biogass Introductions World Cafe 10am Schedule Info Kevin Pegg: Alt Energy Mark…
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May 19, 2011 0

5 things about computers that make me want to rage

Browsers: Why do we have to have so many freaking browsers? I do not like thinking about browser compatibility and if everyone would just use Chrome or Firefox I would be able to think of cooler things like archiving photos. VR: Why does the newsletter not want to display properly on Microsoft Outlook… besides the…
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May 18, 2011 0

Cullinary Treasure Hunt

This past Saturday, May 14th, 2011 O.U.R. teamed up with the South Cowichan Chamber of Commerce and hosted the sweetest treasure hunt that ever planned on the land. The weather held out and over 80 people came through with their baskets and contest search party in tow. Each participant was able to take away a…
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May 17, 2011 0

Movie Monday: Humans are weird

Reading back over this… I realize that some people might consider it a rant. Go ahead and skip it if that is the case. As a human I have weird thoughts… weird thoughts of wanting to understand everything. Like when I studied yoga: “Jee… I wonder what the pineal gland actually does in the brain…
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May 16, 2011 0

A Hay Ride

I think that the blog posts from the farm are the best ones. They are always doing interesting stuff out there. This is why we don’t often have blog posts about what is going on in the office. We don’t do fun stuff. Well… there was that one time with all the balloons… but really…
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May 13, 2011 0

St. Mike’s On-Site

This week we have had the great pleasure of hosting a group of 15 youth from St. Micheal’s University School for a 5 day residential immersion. The students arrived on Sunday with sleeping bags and work gloves, ready for a week of ecovillage life! They cooked and created in the kitchen…. The supervisors learned to…
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May 12, 2011 0

Tire Off-gassing & Earthships

Checking in on the age old question of tire off-gassing in earthships… read up on the latest research and be comforted.

May 10, 2011 0

Movie Monday: The Mother

in which the mother in every woman is honoured, loved and cherished.

May 9, 2011 0

2011 Staff Training

This week we all dropped everything we were doing in our Ecovillage lives and moseyed on up to the Yurt for O.U.R. Annual Staff Training Retreat. This is an interesting feat in itself, being that spring really is in full swing. But somehow, every year, we manage it! The staff training is the one time…
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May 6, 2011 0