2013 Introduction to Summer Staff

2013 Introduction to Summer Staff

April 19, 2013 Community Events 0


A huge hello to everyone in and around the OUR community! I am so happy to have been welcomed into this amazing space and am realizing more and more each day what an incredible opportunity I am being offered in working here. I have a particular interest in local food and food security (and the amazing things we can all cook with local ingredients!), and hope to contribute my experience living on a small urban farm in Victoria along with with a background in graphic design and writing to help share some of the food, recipes, ideas, and amazing happenings around OUR with the wider community.

Beyond working with the OUR team, I love traveling, meeting new people and learning their stories, practicing circus arts, and building a collection of photos where I do handstands all around the world.

Thanks 🙂 Dani


My name is Alyne. I am on a never-ending journey of learning.  My main interests are in sustainable-community living, permaculture/forest gardening, and the realm of healing arts. I have joined the O.U.R team with the intention to flourish within myself and also help the organization to bloom further!  My role here is in office administration, book-keeping and registration.  I am overwhelmed by the warm welcome I’ve had here, and greatly look forward to all there is to learn from all the vibrant individuals who live here, or who are only passing through.


Rob Suarez on his way to completing his Journeyman Carpentry training has joined in OUR team for the year.  With an incredible ethos towards contribution he also brings a crafters eye and intention towards detailing every project aspect he puts his hand to.  Rob began as a volunteer with OUR building team and has become a full time ‘Skill Trader’ and lives at the village while partaking in culture shifting from conventional to natural building.  This year he is taking on working with Pat Hennebery of Cobworks to deliver the “Cob and Community Skillbuilder Internship 2013” and to construct the “Turtle House”. He brings so many skills and interests and already is known to all as a warm hearted, child loving, and inspiring member of OUR community.

Satyia: Hello to All OUR Community,

I am thrilled and excited to be accepted and welcomed onto the OUR Ecovillage (OUR) team for the spring/summer of 2013. It has been my intention ever since first hearing about and then touring OUR Ecovillage to become more involved with this unique community and to spend time here learning, growing and sharing to the benefit of the greater good as well my own.

Let me first say, how sad I am that I won’t actually have the opportunity to work with Patrick, whose position I will take over. He has been a strong influence on me as I make my foray into community working/living. Along with Brandy, Patrick has been my major connection to OUR ever since I began volunteering over a year ago. To step into Patrick’s former role of Site & Events Coordinator, will be a challenge but one that I welcome. I come in with work and life experience that suites very well the task at hand. From my work history with residential specialty camps to coordinating events, to managing major tourism components in Victoria & Vancouver.

I know that I come in with a well-rounded scope of what is expected and what can happen as an event or plan comes together. What I will learn is; how to work/live in community, to respect and honor the efforts of others and how to work for the greater good. I will do my best to make the position my own and always work with integrity. I’ll take ownership of the work I do and try to go above and beyond where ever and when ever needed.


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