OUR Builders Report May 2013

OUR Builders Report May 2013

May 29, 2013 Builders Report Natural Building Permaculture 0

IMG_0009-400Wow months end already, bringing close to a very rainy and event filled 30 days. OUR natural builders have arrived with eager expectations to build the new TURTLE HOUSE but put on hold for Youth Convergence, Natural Building Colloquium and Permaculture Design course. Some where in between all the months fun activities the crew managed to get some Cobbin’ in with Patrick Hennebery of Cobworks at the helm. The eatery and garden micro climates were added too and will most likely see there cob completion slowly but surely through summers ongoing

Thanks to the volunteer efforts of Noe and Ludo the French travelers and OUR dear old long standing and committed Chad Babcock, many a project are being checked of the lists. The commons being dressed in board and batten, the trailer park fencing of mill slab and charred posts, not to mention the various other little happenings with a design flair of cut out hearts.

The turtle house itself has had it’s foundation layout out on the earth and excavated, and in a very productive four days the interns managed to place the drainage system, geotextile fabric, and rubble infill and formed up the urbanite formwork for our bond beam pour.  There are many furious builder energies within the group and the whole dynamic is one of eager learning and doing. If the pace we’ve seen thus far continues through the summer, no doubt the house will see it’s closing in before graduation ceremonies.

OUR building team awaits the completion of the PDC and will recognized it’s ethics and principles as guiding light for all happenings whether building, farming or social interactions in all we doo on this magical land. Bring on the summer sun, the learning and the fun.

Submitted by Rob, O.U.R. Building Team


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