2013 Permaculture Teacher Gathering – Network Hub

2013 Permaculture Teacher Gathering – Network Hub

March 12, 2013 Permaculture 0

OUR ECOVILLAGE is giving a shout out to all local Permaculture Teachers around the Salish Sea!  During OUR Permaculture Teacher
Training we are creating an evening gathering hub for folks to come together with some of the new teachers who will be coming through Jude Hobbs’ Permaculture Teacher Training Certification (March 20-26th).  This is an evening for all of us as teachers to spend some time together, look at any local needs/challenges/ideas, have some sips of something succulent, and build more community within our permaculture connections.

March 23rd, 2013
Potluck Dinner – 6:00pm
Evening Hub – 7:00pm onwards

**If you wish to present or share anything in particular on this evening please let us know so we can make a bit of an agenda.

Jude Hobbs will be presenting on the newly formed Permaculture Institute of North America (which some folks have already joined from this area) and the larger structure which is looking to be put in place through the Permaculture certification process.


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