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OUR Builders Report April 2013


HPIM1085-400Spring is in the air and with the renewing smell of pollen and new green buds growing comes the need to tidy and clean. This and maintenance has been on the agenda for the building team all month long. All the milled wood in the upper field has been graded, stacked, stickered and inventoried, with anticipation to be moved into the sheathed builders barn late April, once the ground is free of soupy rainy mud. Kindling around site has been gathered and cut to length then allowed to dry in the wood shop ready for next heating season. O.U.R. cob and plaster station has been revamped, by being gutted then cleaned, rearranged then put back into logical order. This space now is fully ready for our summer workshops.  All the Garden gates have had latch rejuvenation, and work has begun on prepping terrace stakes and slabs for completion.

Many tools have had their broken handles stripped and prepped, many a wheelbarrow have been franken-fixed. All said 5 new wheelbarrows and half dozen spades and rakes fixed. Also an intentional maintenance bench has been created as the ongoing hub of repair. The building team is also preparing for a new direction for this summers Cob and Community internship. With new freedom in design and complete control in the detailing and decision making, a new organically grown building will root this summer through the efforts of the cobbers and there Cobfather master. It is and exciting time at the village but much design and schedule work needs attending too and the continuance of the spring fling cleaning thing.

Submitted by – Rob, OUR Building Team Member

Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.