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OUR Farm Report April 2013


DSC02037-400March has been host to some major changes from the vital new growth of budding trees, healing herbs and cow’s bellies. We have watched as the poplar buds fill the air with the intoxicating smell of spring (also offering some healing medicine) and the dandelions offer their sweet nectar to our buzzing friends the bees. Spring is truly here.

We have been filling the propagation room with seed trays, focusing on heirloom and open pollinated varieties of annual vegetables, the most curious being a blue tomato. As the greenhouse space get taken over by young sprouts, the overwintering perennials have a chance to take in the great outdoors as they bud out into the great wide open. Spring is budding and leading into the vital bright excitement of summer, and this is balanced by the rooting nature of some of our plant food allies. The garlic shows promising vigor, but has been a curious gastronomical delight for the wild turkeys, as they seem to like to eat the tender tips. We’re confident this won’t dramatically effect the yield, but we’ll be keen to keep observing.

Thanks to helping hands, we’re got potatoes planted! From last year’s crop there are Russian Blue, Banana fingerling and Siegliende that have overwintered and been given new life. Curious to see how this yield in comparison to some other tubers we’ve planted such as sunroot (aka jerusalem artichoke), oca (South American tuber) and crosnes (heirloom french perrenial tuber).

Looking forward into April affords great opportunity for further sowing and reaping in

line with rhythms.

– Ini, OUR lead farmer

Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.