Sharing a safe space immersed in community learning

Pearson CollegeComing from Pearson College, an international school near Metchosin where we live with a hundred and sixty students from around the world, the 5 of us decided to come for one week to learn about sustainability in O.U.R Eco village. We we’re far from knowing to what extent our experience would be much more than learning about living in a way that is less impactful on the environment.

We spent the week gardening, making mosaics, cooking, cleaning, learning about compost and, immersed in community learning, we lived for 5 days in joy. Being part of a caring and tightly knitted community brought us to reflect on our personal life and relationships. One week is surely not enough to know everything about permaculture but we are going back with permaculture glasses for looking at the world and our daily life.

We are now ready to share what we’ve leaned and live in a more conscious way. Leaving with new friendships, a bag of ideas and a recharged battery for the rest of our school year.

Pearson College visit February 2013