5 things about computers that make me want to rage

5 things about computers that make me want to rage

May 18, 2011 Uncategorised 0
  1. Browsers: Why do we have to have so many freaking browsers? I do not like thinking about browser compatibility and if everyone would just use Chrome or Firefox I would be able to think of cooler things like archiving photos.
  2. VR: Why does the newsletter not want to display properly on Microsoft Outlook… besides the obvious.
  3. CSS: I don’t really want to learn about it and become good at it. It’s pure laziness and unwillingness to grow with the expanding world wide web
  4. Internet: Why does my computer say that I have four bars when it won’t actually load any of the events plugin. Liar.
  5. I spent a whole morning in a workshop that wasn’t what I thought it was going to be… which maybe has more to do with people than computers.
  6. Autosave: not ‘on’ by default. Are they mocking me? Oops… that’s six.

One time only: 3 things about other stuff that makes me want to rage…

  1. when people call me cute names and then hug me when I am in the middle of raging (really takes the wind out of my sails).
  2. knowing there is really nice weather outside only because all I can see is the glare off of the greenhouse, which makes my eye hurt.
  3. People who answer tech-support phones who can’t understand my (uninformed) questions and so they keep repeating the same thing to me that doesn’t make any sense to me. That made no sense. I’m going back to data entry.

Thanks for indulging me. Feel free to add to the list if it makes you feel better. That’s what village life is about. Sharing.
With love,

PS The Natural Building Colloquium starts today. Look for more about that tomorrow when I’m less rageful.


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