60 Days to #protectOUR Forever

60 Days to #protectOUR Forever

May 28, 2014 #protectOUR Brandy Community 0

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Dear OUR Ecovillage friend,

Every year, OUR Ecovillage interfaces with many thousands of people, teaching and inspiring them about topics ranging from food production to permaculture, natural building to animal husbandry, and much more. Thanks to the hard work and generosity of thousands of individuals, corporations, government agencies, community groups, and supporters such as yourself, OUR Ecovillage has become one of the most established sites of its kind in North America and is a shining example of a sustainable community working for change.

All of this crucial work has been done with the guidance and support of OUR Executive Director, Brandy Gallagher. To know Brandy is to know her drive and determination to create a better world for our children’s children, and to have a sense of her crucial role at the Village. It is no exaggeration to say that with no Brandy, there would be no Village. Nor would there be dozens of projects inspired the Village, or thousands of people driven to create a better world as a result of their interaction with OUR. Perhaps you are one of those people.

However, as you may have heard, this year sees Brandy facing her biggest challenge to date: a life-threatening health diagnosis.

As Brandy fights for her health, OUR ground team now finds itself fighting to save the Village and we need your help. This shocking diagnosis has illustrated to us just how vulnerable even a site as well-established as OUR Ecovillage can be, and we are taking immediate and drastic action to protect OUR lands and legacy, as well as Brandy’s life work.

It will take $150,000 for the Village to operate this year. That sum of money pays for the mortgage, hydro, insurance, and salary of a part time Executive Director to step into Brandy’s shoes, as well as ensuring that her partner can be with her during high-risk surgery and treatment.

In direct partnership with the funds needed immediately is the implementation of a plan designed to transfer the land ownership from Brandy’s name to that of a co-op. Canadian banking and mortgage regulations make this ownership transfer complex and highly challenging, but we are absolutely committed to making the transfer to this new ownership model; one that will protect OUR lands from the risk of sale and development. The campaign to #protectOUR directly benefits both prongs of this campaign to save the Village.

As someone who has interacted with the Village, perhaps visited us, and maybe even lived on the land, we are confident you know the importance of the Village and that you will step up to help save it.

Please help us protect the Village, OUR lands and legacy, and Brandy’s life work.

At any level, there are several ways in which we need you to help:

  1. Contribute to our campaign . Every dollar helps.
  1. Watch OUR video and share it with your community.
  1. Share and like our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels. Keep an eye out for campaign tag #protectOUR and spread the message as far and wide as you can. Your networks are critical to our success!

It will take a village to protect the Village. Thank you for becoming part of that community today.

Jason Guille

OUR Community Association President

PS: Looking for other ways to get involved? We have an exciting slate of fundraising events and activities coming up on southern Vancouver Island. Join us for a great time and a great cause!


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