A Letter from Brandy: November 2014

A Letter from Brandy: November 2014

November 8, 2014 Natural Building Permaculture 0
indie_brandyAnd along comes the winter…after the fastest moving year I can remember, and so much intense learning–now we are working to bed down for the winter and go into a bit of hibernation after the holidays (yes we have to work full out now winterizing gardens and the land in order to be ready for mid December when OUR ECOVILLAGE will close for two months…except for EcoVillage Explorer and B&B folks). As we do this….

OUR team has made some major changes as we progress towards handing over all of OUR programs and projects to OUR ECOVILLAGE Cooperative (the two organizations will become as one when the Coop is able to gain title by obtaining a mortgage –stay tuned as this is OUR full out focus these days…as I said ‘even if we have to chain OURselves to someone’s desk at the Legislature and go public about this major barrier to coops and farm protection we will make this fully public in order to help not only OUR ECOVILLAGE but the social/environmental/food justice of protecting other farms and cooperative projects!!).  With this in mind we have take OUR team down to just those we are fully focused on OUR Coop development and furthering the organizational capacity for this. We are hosting some volunteers and other than that no other programs or projects taking us away from this focus…it makes for some real speed on the ground and ability to get lots done.

I personally have felt a wealth of well-being with the many shifts and literal clearings and cleanings!  In a major ceremony we let OUR sweat lodge go back to the earth and burnt away all of the intense work that has happened there for so many years–and are giving the space and land a rest for a while. Major cleaning out projects have happened and I could not resist personally taking on cleaning much of the depot, plaster station, bones yard, freezers, all of OUR Eatery, and a big focus on tending OUR beautiful garden and rescuing lots of perennials for the winter, etc. OUR animals are all landing in their winter spaces (or in OUR freezer – sorry Vegetarian friends…when we mention this :), all of OUR goats/sheep/cow are bred and ready for the late spring rotation of milking next year again. We are pretty excited about educational opportunities around the dairy focus back onsite.

Also from an Educational perspective–the big news of ELKE COLE, BEN GARRATT, PAT HENNEBERY, AYLA CHALLENGER…and lots of other short term guest teachers in The Natural Building Extravaganza! So many short and longer term ways to get back into learning mode with all of these most incredible building teachers of the Pacific NorthWest–truly a reunion of the greats seeing ELKE back from Africa leading within OUR Education programs. We even have a MINI-EARTHSHIP program offered in July 2105!!  Big excitement is happening by the magic all of the finishing work, full building start-to-finish construction learning…and artisan woodworking that is happening.

From the Permaculture platform underlying all OUR work–the 2015 Permaculture Design/Earth Activist Training is more detailed than ever before with a major focus on WATER this year. Guest teachers who have a whole system design ability that will change the face of OUR site in 2015 in a major way.

Last month heralded in a big way to show OUR gratitude (and I wanted to show mine specifically) to all of the friends/family/funders/neighbours/international connections who showed up for OUR Harvest Feastival–125 folks strong with incredible story-telling, music, facepainting, and merry making extra-ordinaire!  With this much FUN we thought ‘we gotta do it again!!!’ Soooo…..OUR team is opening up OUR Advent Feastival to everyone as a big no-cost POTLUCK.  Nikki Tate–farmer and storyteller to amaze you has asked to jump back in with a shortie, new musicians (including Garner and his brother!), and some festive surprises.  Book your space now so we know how many to set for–tours and skillshare prior to dinner so check out the events.

Send all your good intentions for OUR Coop as we move forward with this super focused time–and big landmark change that has been so long awaited.
In community,



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