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Affordable housing…..And so it Begins….again!

House number 2 of OUR Affordable Housing cluster is really happening~ At long last the very deserving Jackson Family (yes the Jackson 5!!) is getting a real home. Small and simple – this is a beautiful EcoNest Project which is being fully created as a community building process with volunteers, Interns, onsite residents, and professional consultants. Truly community and team building at its finest.Everyone is contributing in whatever way

they can, it has led to some outstanding team building exercises. With a full ceremony welcoming this family to the start of their long awaited home- 5 years of being without a roof over their head is now being transformed. If anyone wishes to support/contribute to this process the Affordable Housing Affiliate will work with organizations, businesses, service clubs, churches, and individuals who wish to support Affordable Housing in the mid island region! Congrats Patrick, Marisa, Khaya, Fiamma and Chester, looking forward for you guys to move into your new house and make a home out of it 🙂


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