Colloquium update

Colloquium update

March 8, 2011 Brandy Natural Building 0

Nothing better on a rainy day than some good news : Mark Lakeman from Portland ( ) is going to be Keynote presenter for “Building as if People mattered” during the Natural Building Colloquium in May.  Mark is a powerful speaker who first took the hearts and minds of participants of the Natural Building colloquium in 2000 (here at O.U.R.Ecovillage) with his analysis of city planning and call to creative community actions through the City Repair Project. The ideas of city repair have inspired similar projects  in several cities in North America. Even close to home  the Fernwood Neighborhood Resource Group is developing their Neighborhood commons based on the principles of this work. Natural builders also know Mark through the annual  Village Building Convergence in Portland, where placemaking becomes a celebration throughout the city.

Back to our upcoming colloquium in May:  Jack Anderson  ( has also confirmed his participation in Building as if People mattered. Jack represents the local avant-garde of planners and designers who integrate living, working and social spaces in their projects and use permaculture principles when designing small and large developments.

And hey- we have some strong voices among us right here at the ecovillage: Brandy Gallagher and I (Elke Cole) have worked on creating our beautiful natural buildings and the planning for O.U.R. Ecovillage for many years. Need I say more?







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