Event at OUR: Core & Cellular Transformation with Ger Lyons

Event at OUR: Core & Cellular Transformation with Ger Lyons

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Ger-Victoria-Oct-2010Healing Workshops with Ger Lyons

I am thrilled to announce that Ger Lyons will be returning to Victoria in March to offer his life changing workshops. Experience profound and positive transformation & come home to the self realization & manifestation of your full expression of power, passion & health.  Explore the alchemy of living prayer and the unlimited potential of love to heal.
Ger is a clear & powerful channel for sacred energy.  He is a global spiritual healer, teacher & Celtic mystic from Ireland. 
—–Chandra (booking coordinator for Ger Lyons’ Canadian programming)

This is a very special gathering bringing together the magic of the green isles of Vancouver Island and Ireland.  Deep mystery unfolds as OUR ECOVILLAGE has contemplated the wild ways that connect the indigenous roots of both locations as the deeper song of the land calls in the deeper work which is offered for all of us in this workshop.  Since 1999 folks have travelled from all over the world and recognized that there is something which has pulled them to the voice of this area and that there is always a shared purpose to explore.It is with great excitement that the villagers of OUR ECOVILLAGE offer up the space for a fully residential program for this years work with Ger Lyons, here in the Salish Sea lands.  With all of the opportunity that this work offers there is now the added next layer of actually living in an immersed learning environment while digging in.  Something happens when we do not ‘leave’ the circle and stay in the connection that is available by having guesthouse space, dorm space, yurts, OUR Healing Sanctuary…and the Zero Mile Meal Eatery (where you have offerings of Persian delights to farm fresh goodness straight from OUR land).



This is a protected space and many have come on their sacred journeying in these footsteps before.  This is not a commercial retreat centre–but more simply an organic space of possibility.  With earthen/strawbale hand-crafted buildings and 1000’s of volunteers per year who have made this happen…service to a higher way is present.

…there is calling for you in the circle.

Ger Lyons’ workshop takes place at OUR Ecovillage from March 21–25. Workshop, food, and accommodation options available, with 1–6 day options open. To register for the event ($45–$685), email Chandra. To register for food and accommodations ($49–$200), email the Village. Full details about the course and its various options can be found on Ger’s event page.

For more information on Ger in general, please visit his website.


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