O.U.R. Ecovillage Explorer

Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.

With the ongoing request to have more accessibility for folks who wish an integrated short term experience in an ecovillage … we have created O.U.R. ECOVILLAGE EXPLORER!

What does an Ecovillage Explorer do?

Lunch time chill out

This program offers you a taste of living in the rhythm of an immersed learning environment where you are days are spent ‘in community’. Participants will be provided focused tasks and projects where they can work alongside others in the Learning Community summer programs, thereby creating a learning exchange. Typical areas of focus might include food preparation assistance, garden work, natural building, site maintenance, art projects… depending on the time of year.  Involvement will take into consideration current activities onsite, the needs of facilitators from various programs, the abilities of the Ecovillage Explorer participant, weather, and other variables.

What is the Learning Community?

The Learning Community. This group includes a team of village residents, the new co-op ownership group, various teachers, facilitators, program coordinators, guest speakers, participants from the on-site ‘Natural Building Skillbuilder’ and ‘Sustainable Food Production Skillbuilder’ (both on-site residential programs), and various other guests.

What can I expect?

A typical day during the week is as follows:

  • the day begins with a communal self-facilitated breakfast followed by a morning check-in with your project team
  • projects have an eight-hour framework during the day (with a community lunch in the middle of the day) but this is very dependent on the interest/abilities of the Ecovillage Explorer participant
  • Evening dinner is shared with all other members of the Learning Community in the summer months.
  • After dinner there might be a weekly program with guest speakers, an educational film evening a night around the fire sharing stories and connection or just free time to spend with friends on-site

Program Dates – Between: February 1st & December 31st

  • Week-long Ecovillage Explorer – Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon preferred but may change according to other events onsite and participants schedule.
  • 3-Day Ecovillage Explorer – You are welcome to join us at any time providing that you have confirmed your visit with the O.U.R. Ecovillage Office


Accommodations for the Ecovillage Explorer include camping in our on-site woodland spaces. Special arrangement may be made to concurrently book the Eco-Guesthouse if participants do not want to camp. This would be at a reduced fee and based on availability.

Program Costs:

  • Week-long Ecovillage Explorer – $500/per person*
  • Three-Day Ecovillage Explorer – $250/per person*

*includes meals, camping, site costs, solar showers, composting toilets, day program participation, evening programs, and many of the one day workshops on-site.

Are you interested in learning more or signing up? Drop us a line at registration[at]ourecovillage[dot]org.

Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.