Days of Healing & Introspection

Days of Healing & Introspection

July 15, 2014 Uncategorised 0

Hello to all family and friends…..I am wanting to take another peek out into the wider world and check in with you all! The journey has been deep and rich and I am appreciating having most of my time with a bubble placed around me. Days of healing and introspection… even Freya and Trent seeming so different to me right now (Trent has shaved his head and face to be totally bald!!).

I am very aware that the Creator gives us a chance, a door and timing, that is gifted to us. As humans there is so much ability to get caught up in our little lives — and then everything changes… if we/I let it. I am welcoming this time.

Through a series of different ‘coincidences’ this past 5 days I have met and connected with so many folks that have woven together peoples I love, peoples I have not seen in years, and peoples who I had never met before! Brilliant to have friends, elders, comrades in arms, Tibetan monks, communitarians extra-ordinaire, Korean Healers, Marimba magicians… each interconnecting in my life in a way which brings such new meanings.

With this I am going through many changes… and things will not be the same again. I am taking this chance to change my life. My whole life has been created from the place of incredible challenges and incredible opportunities (both have been more from the extremes than the middle ground!). In this time of learning to walk the middle road more gracefully… I know it will have a ripple to everything around me.

It is time to regroup. After having held OUR ECOVILLAGE legally in trust for ‘common good’ and allowing anyone and everyone to come and bring their gifts/resources and contribution/service to the commons… I have learned much. Last week I did an incredible documentary shoot with a friend from Zimbabwe and our dialogue focused on why it is so challenging for the North American (or dominant culture global mindset really) to be able to live/work together as ‘the commons’. We worked to deconstruct ‘village’ culture (heart and mind) and a way of being that is becoming harder and harder to find in the world as the interdependent cultural norms are being transformed more into ‘successful individuals’; consumerism, capitalism, entitlement… and a big fear of growing old and then dying.

We talked about how the honouring of each still happens in some village cultures as we are forming as children, contributing to our village for all the mid years, and then being honoured, fed and deeply loved as we ‘retire’ from physical contribution and often contribute more as wisdom holders/teachers/respected elders. Whether urban or rural… whether Zimbabwe or North America there is the possibility to still collect ourselves in groupings of peoples who can regenerate ‘village culture’ in a means of relationship that can sustain humans and ultimately the planet in hopes of creating a healthy future for all. I call that the real opportunity of ‘permaculture’ – stay tuned for the documentary film!

As these life events, times of reflection and intertwining of peoples take place I visited with Korean healers Todam, and old friends Boepwa, and Carmen at my friend Fred Rolands beautiful temple home. In the healing sessions I listened deeply to how I needed to know that I am going to be OK – this time… but only if I make some big changes! Learning how to say ‘no’, with kindness, and walking my path in a steadfast way without being blown around so much by the agenda or healing needs of others… the middle road is in front of me to simply claim. Stay tuned… it is going to mean some big changes for me – and for OUR ECOVILLAGE!!

The first step to this is to share the incredible (and almost overwhelming) amount of gratitude that I am experiencing. So many peoples who have supported us personally, the campaign to Protect OUR ECOVLLAGE Forever, and the incredible onsite support of friends and family who every day hold space for me, my family and the thousands of peoples who come through OUR.

Since first walking into a doctors office in january and hearing a ‘stop in my tracks’ diagnosis (with Satiya Channer and Jenny Willis to be a second set of listeners to details) – til walking back into the same office 7 months later and hearing what seems to be a fully optimistic dialogue for the future! The first day that I came home from hearing that diagnosis there was a circle with all OUR friends/family who live on the land… including Janaia and Robyn (Peak Moments TV) as my soon to be diet advocates and new investors in OUR ECOVILLAGE! As the days progressed many people drove to doctors, treatments, and even came to my home to do house calls many times per week (Dr. Deirdre O’Neill!).

As Jason Guille led Scott Kelly, and all the Stewardship Council, including OUR Board of Directors… they were supported by the incredible social media prowess of Dani Tate-Stratton and Casey White (J, D and C you are incredible in your creativity and belief in the wider community of the world and your love and care for OUR ECOVILLAGE!) – Rick Juliusson stepped forward as a Transition Consultant in his efforts to support the village as OUR ECOVILLAGE Cooperative has lined up to take over title by the end of the year 2014. Now, since my surgery, he has fully stepped in as part time Executive Director.

Scott Kelly who wears the greatest superhero cap and lives/works at OUR a few days per week stirring the hearts of those who are still yet to come – and endeavors to put together so many events and connections for OUR folks. Nathalie Chambers for bringing together the Chef Survival Challenge (now at OUR October 5th). Linda Hill for her quilting bee fundraiser, Chantell Foss for her beautiful 5 Rhythms Dance fundraiser, and so many others who have planned fundraisers yet to come!! Shylene Schlackl for unwaivering patience as she has supported me through so much emotional and spiritual process with her new budding service company ‘Rest Assured’ as she is being mentored by Barbara Densmore, and they linked it all with amazing friendship and a legal bridge with lawyer Margaret Sasges.

To the team of natural building guys who ‘swat teamed’ our house so we could camp there for two days prior to leaving for the hospital; Tom Jensen, Jordan Estall, Colin Lang. To my friends who have been with all of the land conservation work we have done for many, many years and we all still continue to try and do each in OUR own ways through 4 different land trust organizations. To all OUR ground team and Homestead Team for their honour and attempts to bridge the sacred space of OUR ECOVILLAGE with all of the folks within the wider community….from their personal way of living/working together as courageous communitarians to embassadors linking the incoming connections; (the current small team) Satiya Channer, Kat McCabe, Lee Hargreaves, Chad Babcock, Dani Tate-Stratton, Casey White, Sohrab Rabi, Jordan Estall, Ariel Novak, Pat Hennebery, Ashely Gillies, and Chris Faroe.

There are also so many who have woven their way through the journey of OUR ECOVILLAGE this year as well and are almost to many to put to words in this blog…you know who you are; volunteers, course participants, those who have come and gone in various ways. To Patrick/Marisa/Khaya/Fiamma Jackson, OUR beloved friends and former landmates…for taking the week off of work for my surgery, moving your whole family into a hotel beside the hospital to be with us and especially Freya in such a tender time. To (Miss) Ruth Kerr, Estelle Sinclaire, Kristl Vixen, Robin Hood, and Shylene for showing up first thing in the morning at the hospital and to sit with Trent with prayers, support for hearing surgeons outcomes, and to see me through recovery into the next hospital process.

To all those who brought friendship, food, and love to the hospital; Terri/Wendy Dheensaw, Chris/Colin Lang, Lynn/Maria Curtis, Dan/Genevieve Charbonneau, Lisa Hache-Macquire, and Will Weigler. I know I have missed many people here challenges of simply trying to record all of my journey – pls accept my apology and do not descern any idea of the sequence of gratitude unfolds here so suggest any relevance to priority of value or importance to me….I will never function that way!!!!

And finally – and so incredibly… my partner Trent and my children Freya and Blaine; for your incredible love, support, patience, and ultimately care of my entire being. Love heals all and you are my best medicine.


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