Elders’ goodbye

Elders’ goodbye

January 6, 2013 Uncategorised 0

This winter saw two historic transitions in the presence on the land.

Chairman Miaow – notorious and much-loved rat catcher extraordinaire made his final journey to the happy hunting grounds. His last days were very mellow as he hung out in front of the fire and was pretty much pampered as far as possible by everyone. Everyone had a chance to say goodbye and thank him for his warrior-cat ways and presence.

He was fully accompanied by his family and the children on the land and was buried on the East-facing slope where the bones of some older animals from years ago rest.

Grandmother Maple also chose this time to let go of her roots. On Dec 24th, huge maple that has watched over and greeted visitors as they arrived for many years suddenly toppled. It happened at a time when Trent and Marisa and the children were actually able to see it fall. The timing felt very significant as the children had just finished sledding under her and Trent and Brandy had just driven in. Having this magnificent tree blocking the drive felt over Christmas, combined with the snow, felt like we were really invited to focus inward and stay home.

OUR Community thanks both these elders and sends them on with blessings.


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