2017 OUR Regenerative Village Living And Homesteader Re-Skilling Program

Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.

2017 OUR Regenerative Village Living And Homesteader Re-Skilling Program


Date(s) - Mar 9 - May 14
6:00 pm - 4:30 pm

OUR Ecovillage

Date(s) – Mar 9 – May 14th (with options for extended learning)
Program fee: $4100 plus tax ($100 non-refundable application fee not included).

OUR Ecovillage

Bringing together portions of curriculum from past internships including  OUR Incredible Natural Building Internship, OUR Community and Permaculture Production Farming Internship, OUR Social Ecology/Community Building Internship, and OUR Kitchen Crafting Internship, we have an amazing team of facilitators and guest teachers who can create a holistic learning experience. We hope that learners not only learn about building beautifully crafted and organic buildings, but also understand those built environments in relation to the food systems around them, the human systems, and interplay at work in the grand design of it all; that is what Permaculture is really about.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis year OUR has created a 10-week intensive integrated permaculture and village re-skilling program for devoted homesteaders, learners and teachers. This program is offered for those who are keen to gain foundational permaculture and homesteading skills, to learn regenerative community building and to become a certificated permaculture teacher. During these 10 weeks, you will receive the Permaculture Design Certificate with Earth Activist Training by Starhawk and the Permaculture Teaching Training Certificate with Jude Hobbs; you will also have an opportunity to work with Permaculturists, designers and teachers on site at OUR ecovillage in a hands-on, applied learning practicum. You will have a learning platform to practice your teaching and facilitation skills by co-facilitating activities hundreds of volunteers and students from all over the world in OUR unique immerse learning community.

With a ground team of over 10 permaculturists and designers facilitating this experiential learning program, you will become part of the overall process of living and learning with all that happens at the village. Unlike other courses where materials are brought to a site, teachers are on deck, and then you have a certain period of time to learn all you can, in this program we ask that you are part of the start to finish of understanding where resources come from, how to utilize alternative forms of economy, and that you put your hand to the ongoing attempt to find a place and way on the planet where peoples can live sustainably. OUR team will support you in skills development, including social ecology, natural building, community farming, nature connection/spiritual ecology, community processing, organizational structuring, dynamic governance, energy/waste systems, working with water and more. In the 10 weeks intensive, you will step into:

  • img_20161031_171746Regenerative community building, creative conflict honouring skills, and communication models.
  • Participating in building and system design projects with earthbuilders, red seal carpenters, building inspector and engineers.
  • Community Farming, learning the rhythm and language of the plants, livestock and poultry. How to grow food in greenhouses, row crops, food forests, raised beds, and a variety of permaculture production methods.
  • Kitchen crafting projects include working with dairy, fermentation, bread-making, food as medicine and preparing meals that take care of diverse dietary needs (gluten free, food allergies, etc.).
  • Access to therapeutic practitioners (deep tissue massage, acupuncture, or therapeutic yoga) as an ongoing practice.
  • Sustainable wellness and spiritual ecology: earth-based celebration and ceremony, and workshops from doctors and wellness professionals who understand alternative medicine, the use of herbs for healing, and medicinal meals.2016-07-25-16-07-34
  • Legal and Regulatory issues and frameworks in relation to sustainable land use allowances, building permits and Home Owner Protection Warranty for natural building projects, wastewater design and approval, cooperative food systems, etc..
  • Organizational development and land tenure, and financing alternative community projects.
  • Creating alternative currency and local economy models.


March 9th – May 14th, 2017. Arrival on ThursdayMarch 9th is in the afternoon, in time for a 6 pm dinner. Departure is after lunch on Sunday, May 14th.

Fees for this program have been set at $4100 plus tax ($100 non-refundable application fee not included).

This incredible package includes:

  • Site and food for 10 weeks (camping and participatory meals.  During early season camping could be in OUR dorms, yurt, or your own vehicle/trailer).
  • OUR 2017 Permaculture Teacher Training (March 24–April 1[As you will take a PDC two weeks after this course, those without their PDC are still conditionally invited to participate in this Cascadia course.]
  • OUR 2017 Permaculture Design Certificate
  • Access to conferences, workshops, and field trips
  • Learning and working with OUR amazing team, as well as
    daily new experiences and learning opportunities
  • (A value of nearly $6500.00 if taken individually)


Extended Learning Option A:

Ecovillage Design Education Course (Full certification through GAIA Education International)

Following your 10-week intensive program, you are eligible to enroll in the Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) Course with a discounted program fee: $1,000 plus tax. The course will take place on May 17th – June 2nd, 2017.



Extended Learning Option B: Advanced Permaculture Self-design Practicum

During your 10-week intensive program, you are eligible to apply for a self-design practicum for an extra 4-month immersed learning experience (June 5rd – September 24th). OUR team and the learner will mutually negotiate a customized advanced practicum with a specific focus; the learner will assist in leadership roles and be response-able for on-going projects. This advanced practicum is designed for those who are committed to village building and nature-connected intentional community living, and those who want to be in a proactive, self-organizing and collaborative team.

If you consider yourself a highly committed, passionate and community-oriented individual who can stretch in your learning and find a whole new lifestyle in village culture, this practicum is suitable for you. The learner is responsible for organizing the practicum.

A major component of this program is to focus on how humans can live and work together in a cooperative, mutually supportive, integral and hopeful way on this planet. Each ecovillage in the world is often suggested to be a small lifeboat for the future. Where there is a willingness by those ecovillages to open up to others coming into an immersed learning environment to create their own culture shift from consumerism to contribution/service leadership, from capitalism to the new economy, from fast food to slow food, from dependence or independence to interdependence, from fear to courageous hearts, we see the possibility of personal transformation leading to global healing and emerging possibilities.

This practicum will only be offered to two individuals from the 10-week intensive program. If you feel you might be interested in applying for this extended learning, please tell us during your interview.

Date: June 3rd – September 24th
Program fee: $1100 plus tax
*Please note that the Advanced Permaculture Self-design Practicum DOES NOT include Ecovillage Design Education Course.

How to Apply? 

If you are interested in applying for this intensive program, please make the $100 payment below marked ‘application fee.’ Do not pay the tuition fee until requested to by OUR office. This one-time, non-refundable application fee allows us to spend the necessary time carefully screening applicants and making sure that we are a good fit for your learning needs and that you are a good fit for our community. Once you have made the payment, please email both info@ourecovillage.org and education@ourecovillage.org with a brief introduction of yourself, a copy of your resume, and a vision statement (letter of intent). In your vision statement, please explain why you would like to be involved in the program, how you will pay forward your newly-gained knowledge, and any other information relevant to your desire to be involved.

We will respond to your email with a request for an online or phone interview. The interview allows for more personal contact and time to ask questions.

After the interview, if we feel you are a good fit for the program, and you would like to continue as well, you will be guided through a registration and payment process by OUR staff.

If you have ANY questions or challenges with the registration process, please email info@ourecovillage.org or phone the office at 1.250.743.3067.




About OUR 25 acre Sustainable Living Demonstration Site and Education Centre:

With Permaculture Design shaping the lands and processes of OUR ECOVILLAGE since 1999, most of life revolves around the interconnectivity of systems and people. OUR has almost 9 acres in food production and food security systems linking livestock, poultry, dairy, greenhouses, raised beds, orchards and row crops. We aspire to serve the most nutritious, mostly organic yummy meals while serving diverse needs of food preferences and allergies (see OUR Food Manifesto). The program is designed so all participants are integrated into community life (outside of your 40 hour a week course) through the ‘Care Schedule’, meeting facilitation, and assisting with the learning of others.  This is a family farm and intentional community space which we invite learners to join into in a deep respect for the sacred space which has been created by the loving connection of those who hold the hearth and process for you to come and be with us for your time as a visitor in community life.

Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.