Executive Director’s Report – Jan 2013

Executive Director’s Report – Jan 2013

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It is incredible to imagine that we are actually living in 2013 not to mention that this is the beginning of the 15th year for O.U.R. ECOVILLAGE’s evolution of village life on baldy mountain! So – it is time to tell of the harvests and of the upcoming seeds that are being sown…

This last year has marked the year of completions. OUR ECOVILLAGE is ’rounding the bend’ with most all of the projects we set out to do in OUR Strategic Plan for infrastructure and development that would allow a collective of peoples to move forward creating a “Commons” for all and any (not including the housing cluster for HearthKeepers). OUR teams have completed on many physical projects, research projects, partnership development projects, and transitioned many relationships.

Brandy-and-Marisa-in-kitchenThe biggest transformation of OUR village is the changing of the guard as Patrick, Marisa, Khaya, and Fiamma change their relationship and they prepare to move offsite and closer to our children’s school. Through many heartfelt tears and courageous conversations we all know the highest good is being served with this change and yet it is always super challenging when the ones who all love each other the most – change the music on the dance floor! The biggest request we have is to have all of OUR family and friends support this process with great energy and positive conversations around all of our children. We are focused on creating an atmosphere of inspiration and excitement for the future as their daily life and rhythm together changes. Thank you for all the ways you can be with us and co-create that for all….

Eialina-March2010Also, changing is the shifting roles of some of OUR elders and founders. Some folks already know of the eminent passing of OUR beloved friend, teacher, early days founder, and beautiful spirit….Eialina Armfelt. She spends her days in deep connection with family and a few friends at present and remains for now in a wondrously gentle place of grace. Prayers are wished for always and all feedback, pictures, poems, stories that we can collect are also requested. More news to come as retirement plans, and life changes unfold for some other folks!

With all this in mind there is also a major influx of new life being injected into OUR community as folks are stepping into building new homes (2 homes to be completed this summer 2013 by private home owners) as affordable housing projects. One of which will be the focus of an amazing collective Natural Building Internship (between OUR, Cobworks/Pat Hennebery, and Cob Cottage/Ianto Evans). Look into what is upcoming in the rest of the newsletter and OUR website. The Eatery is finally wearing a new ‘hat’ and is awaiting next steps on Phase II as a living roof preparation is being completed. This is a major coup for the building team as many, many redesigns have finally brought home the crowning glory. There are a list of folks who are now stepping into positions of commitment that will flesh out the activities involved in the long awaited completion of infrastructure that can house all of OUR Social Enterprise work; the Zero Mile Meal Eatery, Community Classroom, dorm space, events/festivals and partnerships with other amazing organizations. This cast of characters will have their faces in the upcoming newsletters.

Conversations with Elke/CM (in Germany) which she has put onto ‘Houses That Love You Back’ and other European sites, some international listings we have put out, and OUR website each have invitations to an international audience to join OUR team this summer as we call in a fun and inspiring year of “Artisan Crafters” from a variety of countries. We have invited guild members to fresco masters…anyone who may wish to jump in on the ‘finishing focus’ of artistic effort. This includes stone crafting, timber-framing, plaster artists, sculpture artists, to bread crafters and potters! Music and merriment is OUR expectation… with lots of focus for children and family as the nucleus.

Many of OUR activities are being held to a minimum this year as we focus on the quality of internships we deliver, the partnerships with teaching and training we are involved with….and very personal/interpersonal community building time. We are excited to host a a green wedding for Simon and Alex!!! and another wedding is in the cooker as we speak. Other than that we invite OUR friends to come and co-create projects and events whereas we are supporting your, or your organizations, needs as we integrate all the next phase of OUR ECOVILLAGE.

The Eatery taking shape showing recycled trusses and beam.

The Eatery taking shape showing recycled trusses and beam.

May this be the year of ‘Sustainable Well-being’ for us all. It is the focus of OUR work as we move forward – with a major emphasis on health and healing. A diversity of doctors, therapists, and healing practitioners have been formulating proposals to round out OUR programming and lives….stay tuned for next steps of how to connect and participate in this….

Yours in possibility – Brandy


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