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Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.

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2015 has never looked brighter for OUR ECOVILLAGE. After more than a decade of facing every conceivable type of challenge…OUR ECOVILLAGE continues to find a way to not only survive–but to thrive!!!

With every bit of focus possible OUR team has worked to bring forward a model for how to finance, own, and govern “The Commons”…and bring back the ideal of the common lands for the common peoples.  It has always been the dream to protect what was once considered ‘common’ to all, for the common good….and common sense.  This is a long journey, that may be seemingly impossible; in the days of regulatory barriers, a path towards Living the New Economy, and finding societal governance that is just and fair. We all have a ways to go…and yet we need to Protect OUR ECOVILLAGE Forever, and the work that 100s have contributed to, in the efforts to work towards the possibility of OUR model of ‘Common Share’ for all.

Working towards having OUR ECOVILLAGE owned and managed by a hybrid and permaculture designed ‘Community Services/Multistakeholder Cooperative’ model has been the work of key informants across Canada.  With the privilege of incredible resources for government and foundations top experts in sectors including; Cooperatives, Non-Profit organizations, legal and regulatory counsel from: finance/taxation/ownership and incorporation, academic research on global models for governance and decision making…and so many sector specific authorities.  It is clear that the local and international significance of OUR ECOVILLAGE is demonstrated every day by the 10K+ folks who contact us as learners, researchers, designers, regulatory authorities who are looking at alternative modelling in their specific field (from waste water to finance structures).

It is just as important to create perennial food systems that not only model the protection of food security examples but also look at how to create food sovereignty. To educate and raise children/youth/families, from local to international who come from public and private schools…in how to move beyond ‘sustaining’ and how to live a ‘regenerative life’.  We need to protect social permaculture systems that bring together our wider community, the Cowichan Valley, our islands in the Salish Sea, and our bio-region as we build community capacity.  All things that are also the daily work of OUR ECOVILLAGE….and need to be protected.

Now, more than ever, this large body of effort needs us to ensure that we continue to Protect OUR ECOVILLAGE Forever.  Many projects internationally have done great work and then we find later that the covenants, legal and financial frameworks do not withstand the changes over time and organizational shifts.  In order to sustain, and even regenerate, the ongoing systems of this world class community design it still takes each common person possible to step forward, work together, and ensure that the ‘Commons’ is protected as a living example for all other projects, peoples and places that look towards co-creating a culture of; cooperation, Peace making, inclusion, joy and well-being–not just for our/OURselves but for all future generations.

Please continue to stand for the Protection of these ideals and for the Protection of OUR ECOVILLAGE Forever.


Help us to #protectOUR in any of these ways:

1 . OUR Sustainers/Monthly donors – Regular donations give us financial stability and predictability to carry on our educational programs.  Sadly we can no longer offer tax receipts through, but we can set up a no-fuss, no-muss monthly withdrawal from your bank account.

  1. OUR ECOVILLAGE Cooperative Owner/Membership: The co-op is only as strong as its members. Buy a share and have a full voting voice in how we move forward. Being an  a) educational steward, b) social enterprise steward, c) agricultural steward, and d) HearthKeeper–onsite resident/home owner are all options.
  2. “OUR Community Trust for Ethical Investment” become an Investor, with your direct funds or RRSP program, in the Syndicated Mortgage with Concentra Trust Canada (Third Party Administrator for the Mortgage).  OUR ECOVILLAGE pays 3% interest and invites you to a package of ways to ‘Live the New Economy’ through redefining value in ‘other than cash’ contributions on top of the 3% (please ask about custom packaging).
  3. Come! - Take a course, have a B&B night, do some yoga, bring a friend on a tour.OUR Ecovillage is just that – ours.  Ours to enjoy and share.  You’ve helped keep it alive– now come live it.
  4.  OUR Green Burial/Commemorative Conservation Scattering Grounds: A Legacy Project that encompasses preparations, placement, memorial services/celebrations, and other ways to remember and rejoice in lives lived.  A fundamental means of Protecting land and also creating the greenest end of life planning possible….

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Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.