Movie Monday: Humans are weird

Movie Monday: Humans are weird

May 16, 2011 Uncategorised 0

Reading back over this… I realize that some people might consider it a rant. Go ahead and skip it if that is the case.

As a human I have weird thoughts… weird thoughts of wanting to understand everything. Like when I studied yoga: “Jee… I wonder what the pineal gland actually does in the brain and why it seems to be so important? Too bad we can’t get in there!” Sometimes when I have these thoughts, it takes me a while to come around to the idea that maybe the ability of humans to get to the bottom of things isn’t the best thing for everything on the planet. For example, it wouldn’t be very cool to just cut into someones brain to track what happens, even though we can’t seem to get in there with our fancy machines.

We just don’t do that right? No cutting into live human heads. It’s an unspoken rule. So what’s the deal with these folks? Maybe their reason was overrun by the potential cool results of the experiment…

Seriously though, these folks are over the top humancentric. Actually, I’m a bit ashamed to be related. Imagine how this went down?
“Ya… if you guys could just leave… Actually, don’t worry about it, there are millions of you on the planet. Go ahead and hang out right there…*sound of cement pipe being shoved into their front door…”

Oh, and you’ll have to check out the comments underneath it on the Youtube channel… they aren’t really appropriate to quote here.


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