Movie Monday: Truthteller

Movie Monday: Truthteller

January 11, 2011 Movie Monday 0

I’ve always had a bit of a problem keeping my mouth shut. For a long time it was more of a curse than a gift, often leaving me a little embarrassed in the wake of many an overzealous bout of out of control ‘more-honest-than-most-can-take’ verbal diarrhea. As I grew older I came to realize that I am a Truth Tellers Tale (one day I’ll write my own, but for now, something to tie you over) and that my curse was actually just the shadow of my ability to articulate what others can’t, or won’t, which is a beautiful gift. This, only after I received a spiritual name from Yogi Bhajan – Siri Om Kaur – the meaning of which matched my given name – Lisa – almost perfectly: ‘Princess of the great sound of Infinity’ and ‘word of God’. Being the type that doesn’t like to stand up in the face of destiny, I took it to heart, and have been learning how to master communication ever since.

I suppose that is why I called in this job (even as I blatantly scream out that I don’t really think it’s good for anyone to be spending this much time tethered to the Matrix, sucking up emfs like it’s coffee). In fact, here at the ecovillage, after witnessing my antics in such places as womens’ circle and council… and even at the dinner table, some have fondly nicknamed me the can opener (as in ‘can of worms’). Though, I believe this is more about my timing than anything else, I feel that such a nickname deserves credence, so I’m breaking out of my usual conservative Ecovillage voice. No longer will I be holding back my opinions to such a degree. After all, I don’t get to play in the soil with this computer attached to my fingertips and whats an ecolady without a little dirt!

Don’t get all excited that I’m disseminating some hidden truth, just sticking my toe in the puddle, so to speak. Here is a vid for Movie Monday of a dude who tells it like it is (Thanks E for the link!). Go ahead, grab yourself a tea, your fiber art of choice and press play.


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