Natural Plasters & Paints

Transform your home with natural plasters and paints! Are you dreaming of living with the beauty and benefits of natural plasters but don’t live in a cob house? No problem!

What will I be learning?

This weekend course will teach you:

  • where to source materials
  • how to prepare drywall and painted walls for natural plasters
  • how mix your own inexpensive, non-toxic joint fillers and primer from scratch
  • how to make, mix and test various plasters
  • professional troweling techniques
  • how to do various finishes such as smooth, highly textured plaster
  • how to create unique finishes with straw and mica.
  • Make beautiful warm colors by adding pigment and natural paints.

Who will I be learning with?

6 lucky folks with have the opportunity to work together with instructor Cindy Walker, who is a highly skilled natural plasterer. She has taught and inspired many students and brings her professional skills to this course. Cindy started her career as natural builder by building her own cob/bale house in the Similkameen Valley. After finishing it she deepened her focus and experience on plasters through working with recognized Natural Plasterers in North America: Carole Crews, Bill and Athena Steen and others.

Who should take this course?

Home owners, home finishing professionals, decorators: if you’re working on the final stages of homes this course may be for you. While no experience is necessary, some skill with trowels is helpful.

Course Outline

Each day will contain daily discussions will deepen the practical learning. Be prepared for 7 hours of physical work! Plastering is hands-on and you will be learning on a real building. Mornings start at 9:00, we break for lunch at noon and go back into session from 1-5. Dinner’s at O.U.R. Ecovillage are served at 6. One or two evening programs will be planned and there will be ample space for questions and networking.

What should I bring?

  • Thin rubber coated gloves or thin vinyl gloves (tight fitting)
  • Dust mask
  • Paint clothing

Sounds great! How do I register?

The cost of the course is $200 per individual or $360 for two people registering together. Meals and accommodation extra and can be purchased here.