O.U.R. Admin Team Report–February 2014

O.U.R. Admin Team Report–February 2014

February 6, 2014 Uncategorised 0

Chairman22014!!!! Already very excited for what this year is bringing and it’s only the beginning.

I do hope everyone had a wonderful winter break, I know I sure did…. Poland is just as wet and cold, if not more so than here in December!

We have a great selection of events/courses this year with a new format for OUR Internships and OUR team here at OUR. ONE big team, moving towards the same goals, with the support of many….I can’t wait for more to join!

I’d like to welcome Casey White, who started with us on January 20th, the first of many newbies to come and co-create with us at OUR in the office.
–Lee Ann


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