OUR Farm Report September 2013

OUR Farm Report September 2013

October 2, 2013 Community Farm Report 0

DSC02081-400This time of year always brings such a diversity of experiences, and this is no exception. From the shift we felt a few weeks ago around the blessed rains, a few cooler days and the ever shortening daylight and the dlightful aray of colours, we glean a great deal of beauty from our surroundings. The farm team has been thankful for the much needed moisture that has arrived and the plants are showing positive feedback.

As the season continues, we see the bounty that all the hard work this year has gone into. We have seen our 3 sister’s guild (primarily corn beans and squash) explode into the hot season and now are reaping the diverse harvest that the exemplifies the merit of interplanting in a polyculture. We are hard at work putting up the harvest from the many unpicked fruit trees thanks to the gleaning program called fruit save facilitated by Cowichan Green Community. The unpicked trees are scouted and offered up for the taking from whoever wants them; 1/3 going to the pickers, 1/3 to property owners and 1/3 to the community. We have been full up with plums, apples and pears and are very happy to be putting up the harvest for the future.

September is also a month of transition, particularly in welcoming in the farm team has two new team members as well Vadim Junea and Chirstine Brennenstuhl who are a major support in the further development and sustainance of O.U.R. farm team.

As the season comes to an end, food is brought in, beds are put to rest and much compost is made. The winter veggies like spinach, chard, brussel sprouts and sprouting broccoli are making their presence known in our foods systems. As always there is a great deal of preparations for the wetter cooler months, and the to-do lists are honoed and added to.

In closing a great deal of thanks is owed by Ini for all the conitnued support oevr the past year and all the wonder experiences of learning, engagement and actitity within the community farm

O.U.R Community Farm team


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