OUR Team Profile: Morgan

OUR Team Profile: Morgan

August 12, 2013 Permaculture 0

september profile_morganName Morgan
Nationality American
Time at the Ecovillage I got here in mid-May and will be here through October

Reasons for coming?
I wanted to do a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) to learn in the classroom and in a hands-on setting about using permaculture in my life and teaching others about it. I learned about permaculture in LA when I was living in an intentional community there.

I grew up in Montana and had lots of outdoor experiences with nature, and gardening, but not so much with farming, as such.

What sort of work are you doing here?
I’m helping the farm team with structure and logistics for the 2013 season. I’m also farming in the garden everyday and doing some demonstrations and helping with planning, planting, harvesting, and seeding.

How did you find out about the Ecovillage?
I really wanted to get my PDC and I had about two months free with no obligations, so I was researching online for courses during that time and it came down to two programs, one in California and the one at OUR. I liked the idea of living in community and what you’ve done here, how it is balanced with natural building and more than just permaculture specifically.

Best thing?
Feeling like I’m on a path that’s in alignment with my values. Also: getting to work with plants everyday and getting to know them intimately. It has really opened me up spiritually.

Anything challenging about it?
Being here has made me learn exactly how I want to live my life. Sometimes the structures and policies might not be exactly what I would chose, but on the other hand it’s a good learning experience for me to see that and not be recreating everything from scratch.

What’s a day in the life look like for you?
Now that it is really hot we are starting at 7:30am, eating breakfast, and having our morning meeting, where we talk about our plan for the day and also do a grounding and check-in. Then during the day we do whatever needs to be done—chores, harvesting, weeding, planting, etc. We also do a lot of observation of the feedback cycle, etc. I’m also trying to help manage the team effectively as well.

We have lunch with the village at noon and then during the heat of the day we do research and project planning, then work until 5 or 6, depending how long we took off for the afternoon. Sometimes we also go on fieldtrips to local farms and food producers.

After dinner with the village at 6, there’s all the various evening activities like council, lots of kitchen crafting, fermentation, more research, and—somewhere in there—relaxation!

Advice for other interested volunteers?
If you are thinking that you want to go back to your ‘old’ life after you are done here, ask yourself “why?” What is really necessary? Jump straight in to life here!

Where are you planning to go next or what are you planning to do?
I don’t know. I’m really trying to live in the present and listen to where my soul wants to be.

Anything else you would like to share with readers?
Take a PDC! It will change your life!


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