Rocking 2012 programs!

Rocking 2012 programs!

March 1, 2012 Community Courses Natural Building Permaculture 0

Yes – there has been a lot of talk about the challenges faced by OUR to finance and ensure the continuation of this special place. AND – it is a testimony to the desire for learning and change out there that this year sees us offering what might be the best line-up of programs, ever (and no – we don’t say that every year..!). Perhaps it as been the interest created by the media attention on the fundraising, perhaps simply the richness of the programs – registration is moving fast, so get in here if you want it.

Graduates and instructors of OUR 2011 Permaculture Teacher Training

March 21 – Permaculture Teacher Training Program – If you are a “permie” and want to keep spreading the word by educating others and being an advocate for change – this course will empower you to take you permie passions to the next level. This 8-day intensive covers everything from curriculum design, teaching and learning styles, to facilitation and mentoring.

Natural Building Internships begin! 3 different Ecological/Natural Building Skillbuilder Internships

May 14 OUR Community Farm Skill-Building Internship begins.
See article below on Internships for more information on these programs.

May 18 begins a two-week long Permaculture Design Certificate Course. This 72 hour intensive will offer hands-on-learning incorporating theory, principles and practice of Permaculture. First level course designed for anyone from backyard gardeners to professionals working in a variety of fields.

August 11 – 25 Earth Activist Training with Starhawk! OUR Ecovillage is proud to host this two-week long permaculture training program. Grounded in earth-based spirituality, participants will learn how to heal the soil and design human systems that mimic natural systems and so much more. Ritual, game, songs, daily practices, interactive learning and lots of fun will all be an intricate part of this ecological design intensive.

[titled_box title=”A past intern says:” variation=”coffee”]
“The natural building internship at OUR Ecovillage is an amazing experience. Not only did I get to learn about natural and conventional building by being fully immersed in the working environment but I got to bring my on ideas to the table and have the freedom to learn though experimentation. I also had the opportunity to solidify what I had been learning by leading workshops with school groups and during events. In addition to this, living and working at OUR Ecovillage allowed me to experience and participate fully in community life. The skills that I acquired during my time at the ecovillage have given me the confidence to organize and complete my own natural building jobs.” Ayla McKenzie – 2011 Natural Building Intern[/titled_box]

If you feel the internships may be just what you are looking for as the next step on your journey of making change, contact us at through the contact page, or sign up on the course page.

Public and Self-Guided Tours are offered on a year round basis at OUR. Tours are approximately 2 hours and provide an abundance of information on how OUR was started and all the buildings and projects that have taken place here over the past decade. If you are in the area and want to drop by, you can always come on a self-guided tour. Check in at OUR office for more info when you arrive on-site.


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