Spirit, Earth, and People Come together at the Earth Activist Training! PART 2

Spirit, Earth, and People Come together at the Earth Activist Training! PART 2

September 10, 2012 Permaculture 0

Yes Yes Yes! There is a home for this! Earth and Activism and Spirit orbit with Starhawk and the Earth Activist Training Permaculture-Palooza

*This is just an example of what to expect from this course. It is going to be life changing.

There is a home for this! yay yay yay!

Those words kept landing with a thud in my stomach throughout the 2 weeks of Earth Activist Training. They landed like comfort, like warm tea on a cold day. Mmmmm, relax, spread out, there’s a home for this and you’re inside it.

I’ve had a funny hunch that permaculture is an important lens for me. I’ve worktraded on permaculture sites, tried (unsuccessfully… so far) to get permaculture classes started, written articles about queer permaculture (more on that some other time). But honestly it was all a hunch – my own experience was my greatest proof that permaculture and real liberatory social justice are one in the same. We can talk about composting our poop into fertile soil one moment and then discuss effective methods of direct action the next? We can talk about dealing with police brutality in the same breath as rainwater harvesting? oh wow oh wow yes!

Starhawk‘s E.A.T. course, which she taught with Charles Williams, is freaking amazing. As she went over the syllabus each item lodged itself in another nook of my brain, found a fold yearning for exactly that flavor to chew on. There was already space for this knowledge, all I needed was the content to fill in the corners and expand the edges of this now-huge space.

This approach to permaculture constantly examines the human relationships that go down alongside the earth sustainability work. We spent 2 nights talking about non-hierarchical organizing and methods to make a meeting functional fun and effective. We talked about magical activism. We even devised some magical activism.

On the activism front, this training is potent. After so much analysis, heartache and headbreak over the Occupy movement, I came to quite a few conclusions about what makes organizing work. It all aligns with permaculture principles. Observe first. Value the marginal, the edges, those with less power. Form coalitions that can thrive autonomously, not with constant leadership from outside. I could go on. Permaculture extends these ideas into physical realities. It explains through a lens of natural systems that makes these abstract concepts so much more tenable. Diversity isn’t just a cute thing people think they’re supposed to want. It is the core essential necessity of a healthy reality. Blam. If you look at something as if it’s a problem, it will stay a problem. If you look at something as if it’s information, than it’s a solution. Blam.

By Annie Rose London


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