2011 Staff Training

2011 Staff Training

May 6, 2011 Uncategorised 0

This week we all dropped everything we were doing in our Ecovillage lives and moseyed on up to the Yurt for O.U.R. Annual Staff Training Retreat. This is an interesting feat in itself, being that spring really is in full swing. But somehow, every year, we manage it!

The staff training is the one time where we get to spend time together, connect and get to know one another. This is something we don’t get to do very often, since we are all on different teams and have different schedules. During the training we have time to work on agreements with each other and create a common vision amongst us.

The pictures don’t make it look super fun… but it is. (My photos just don’t quite convey fun the way Erica’s did… miss you woman!) The learning and listening were also fun because they were tempered by good times outside. P

Playing Ninja. Note that Bossy is present. Bossy came right in and almost bowled me over. But its hard to get a picture of things that happen to me, so you’ll have to imagine it.

Ooooo! and this one is right before Jay ninja’d Mike right across the face.

and…learning to juggle (no, Mike did not bite his tongue off. Almost though.)

plus some good times sitting in the sun….

Oh, here’s one of me was trying to take a picture of me without me noticing… bit grumpy looking… wonder what was going on for me?

It was a beautiful couple of days that reminded us how important we are to each other, how much we love to be here and serve one another and the community.


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