The Most Powerful Thing You’ll Ever Do

The Most Powerful Thing You’ll Ever Do

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emergence careEmergence Care is a profound healing art that goes beyond our identification with self (ego), deep into the subconscious, accessing our subtle energy and our inner most essence. This subtle energy and inner most essence is always there.

When exposed to years of repeated stresses our physical body and mind gets “armoured.” This means we’ve become dissociated from our subtle body and can even lose touch with our own true nature. This “armouring” is an impediment to our evolution. We end up looping in what seems to be an endless cycle of trying and very little progress.

Receiving Emergence Care opens a person to their full potential. This happens with very little to no touch, no ritual and without a word being spoken. It repeatedly produces the benefits associated with years of spiritual practice, meditation, yoga, chiropractic care, massage therapy and psychotherapy combined.

Emergence Care training is extraordinarily powerful. That’s the resounding experience of those who’ve completed the training. With Emergence Care, your life can open up and blossom into something that you had no idea was even possible. Many have experienced the profound opening they were so desperately seeking though their practice during and after EC training.

What student practitioners are saying:

“If you’re considering immersing yourself in a mind blowing 6-day intensive, focused on the higher aspects of you, where pain and suffering can release and a quieter mind can be realized, Dr. Steven Teagarden has developed a holistic healing modality called Emergence Care that will ‘rock your world’, positively and gently. If that is too ‘woo woo’, imagine being with people who can create a space, an environment, that undeniably illuminates who you really are: Love! I highly recommend this uniquely valuable, enlightening, experience for anyone asking the questions, ‘who am I?’ and ‘why am I here?’ The undeniable answer emerges clearly in the Emergence experience. The realization and presence of a Higher Self quantum-leaps in Emergence Care!”
— Anya

“After 30 years of seeking deep healing and a sense of inner fulfillment via a variety of workshops and seminars, plus meditation, still I felt incomplete, still unhealed…until I took Emergence Care training.”
— Judi
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