Thomas takes care of…

Thomas takes care of…

March 24, 2011 Uncategorised 0

business? As the adventures of Thomas the turkey continue, it’s hard not to sound crass. There is actually no possible way of putting this delicately. It’s not a delicate thing even.

Thomas the Turkey

This is Thomas. He’s the male turkey who came on-site in November. Thomas currently has three hens that he looks after on the farm. Until a few moments ago.

Wild Turkey Hens Land at OUR Ecovillage

A few moments ago, a flock of wild turkeys flew onto the farm. After they landed, Bossy came over to check them out, which frightened them. They all crowded over to the turkey coop door…

So Kate let them in… and before we knew it, Thomas was taking care of business.

the adventure continues

And then there were six. Go Thomas.


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