Transplanting Justin Tilson

Transplanting Justin Tilson

April 1, 2011 Events Permaculture 0

As I write this, Justin Tilson is on his way out into the world. He has been living at OUR Ecovillage since the end of October and has spent his time working tirelessly (like into the wee hours of the morning) to change O.U.R. web world.

First, he implemented a completely new Events Plugin, which was a demo that he masterfully turned into almost exactly what we needed. Then, he helped me to revamp the architecture of the website, tackling fix after fix on that Events Plugin until almost all of my laziness in data entry was accomodated. He massaged the pages on the sites that have forms, including the shopping cart and the paypal experience so that they were more user friendly. Without complaint, he answered every bizarre question I had about html, css and the dark recesses of the WordPress beast. THEN, as if that wasn’t enough, he organized Salesforce and Vertical Response awarding us free licenses to their applications AND configured it all, THEN patiently trained a bunch of us on it!

Justin has a pretty serious background in software development, stemming from his codemonkeying for the foundational years of Elasticpath Software. But that’s not his deep desire. Not his passion. No, his passion is getting his grubby paws back in the soil, tending and stewarding the earth through his love of Permaculture Justin Tilson(Justin co-lead the permaculture design certificate last year here at OUR, and will be doing the same this year.) For now, he will be bumbling around the West Coast, and after participating in the Permaculture Teacher Training course, he will be heading back to his family land on Manitoulin Island to teach and share permaculture, wack on his drum, play his didge and populate youtube with permie vids. (Check out his blog to keep track of his antics…)

The transplant of this magnificent being will leave a gaping hole for all of us. Especially me, as I had the honour of being his partner of 7 years. Justin Tilson, you are a superbly grounded and honourable human being. We wish you the best in your adventures, wherever they may take you.

PS Justin is looking for a like-minded being to accompany him on the train back to Ontario (bed and food included for $500) if you are interested… send him an email.


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