Village Heart Yoga Fall Update: The Change of Season, a Change of ‘Self’

Village Heart Yoga Fall Update: The Change of Season, a Change of ‘Self’

November 6, 2014 Village Heart Yoga 0

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Autumn has arrived and for many of us this means it’s time to come back inside. The rains have returned, the days are shorter, and the temperature is dropping. Time to come back indoors and reflect on the growth and changes that the summer brought to all of us. Just as nature slows down so should we even if only for an hour a day. Slow down to feel into our own being. See what results the ‘doing’ of the summer have brought about and how it will affect your ‘being’!

Come reconnect to ‘self’! Time to reinstate your yoga practice. Come back inside yourself and begin again to realign your body and your mind with a view to feeding your soul.

The ultimate connection that we as humans all carry is our connection our own connective tissue. The intricate web of tissue which holds our entire body together. Like our own inter-web, the body sends messages from one area to the other via our connective tissue because our nerves are encased in this tissue.

Come practice Yin Yoga and slow down enough to connect to your own connective tissue, messaging center, and inter-web.

New class times (below) will start immediately at OUR Ecovillage and run until December 22. I invite you to the Village to practice and slow down.

For more information about Satiya, class times, or anything else to do with Village Heart Yoga, visit the website, here.

  • Wednesday: 7–8:30pm (yin)
  • Friday: 10–11am (flow)

While this is a drop-in practice, please call beforehand to let us know you are coming. (250.686.4466) Drop-in is on a sliding scale ($12–$15), or purchase a punch card (4/$44).




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