Waldorf Nature Home School Support Program

Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.


OUR Ecovillage is pleased to be offering Waldorf Nature Home School Support Program for ages 7 – 11 (grades 2, 3, 4 combined). Waldorf education is the fastest growing independent educational system worldwide. It emphasis whole child education (head, heart and hands), strong morals and character building, experiential (hands on) learning, teaching through creativity (story, art, theatre, music) and based on the developmental stages of the child.

Set on a 25 acre permaculture farm (with garden and farm animals). Children will explore Nature, and farm life, all within the nurturing direction of the Waldorf curriculum.

Taught by Joseph Graf, an experienced and certified Waldorf teacher.

Pay by the month for all three days, or choose Tuesdays, Wednesdays and/or Thursdays only. Supply fee is included in the price. 

Session 1 8 Weeks: Oct 6th-Nov 26th 2015 (Deadline September 25th, 2015)

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Session 2 8 Weeks: Feb-Mar, 2016 (Deadline January 15, 2015)

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9 am – Main Lesson, part one

10:40 am – Main Lesson, part two (including nature-science)

12:40 – 2 pm – drawing


9 am – Main Lesson, part one

10:40 am – Main Lesson, part two

12:40 – 2 pm – painting


9 am – Main Lesson, part one

10:40 am – Main Lesson, part two (including Form Drawing)

12:40 – 2 pm – Drama and movement

Lesson Info

The lesson content will inter-weave, and alternate, according to the needs of the children. E.g.,

morning classes will be a mix of outward activity and quiet desk work, to attain the “breathing” style

that is more appropriate for children. For Main Lesson, there will be a language block for the first

month, followed by a math block.This overall flexibility will ensure more well-rounded development.

The Waldorf method of developing a balance of thinking, feeling and willing will prevail in the

program. Limited class sizes will induce more individual attention.

Home Visit

Parents who sign up can request a home visit, to further integrate the child’s world with the learning

scenario, and give the teacher more insight into the child’s home life.

Monthly Info Meetings

Monthly parent information meetings will help orient parents more effectively to the program.

Teacher Biography:

Joseph Graf,

Waldorf certified teacher, MSW, M. S. in Human Services,

and graduate of Lifespace Institute for humanistic counseling

Joseph Graf completed full Waldorf Teacher training at the Rudolf Steiner Centre, in Toronto in

1992, and was recognized for his quality teaching at Sunrise Waldorf School from 1992-97 (grades

1 – 5). For the past 20 years, he continued a study in general Anthroposophy as well as deepening

his understanding of Waldorf pedagogy.

Credentials also include a Master of Science in Human Services (clinical counseling), from

Post University (Connecticut, U.S.)

Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.