What’s the Stink About?

What’s the Stink About?

July 26, 2011 Uncategorised 0

Garlic….. definitely don’t recommend it on a first date or eating it prior to practicing some hot yoga.  But when the garden team is looking to do a little harvesting…. I highly recommend getting in on the action!

Garlic Harvesting Adventures by Maarten D.

Garlic seems to be an important part of the garden here at OUR eco-village. Just a few weeks ago we were enjoying a steady flow of scapes in our salads. Scapes are the curly green stalks that come out of the top of garlic plants. They give salads a nice mild garlic taste, but lack the kick of the bulbs. The purpose of cutting off the scapes is to allow the plants to put more energy into the bulbs, so the more desirable part of the plant can grow bigger. By late July the garlic bulbs are ready to be harvested, which was today’s task for the garden team.

The harvesting itself was simple, as we pulled the bulbs easily out of the loose soil. After brushing off stray clumps of dirt, we placed the garlic into wheel-barrows, taking care not to bump or bruise the delicate bulbs along the circuitous route out of the garden.

The next step was to tie the bulbs together in neat little bundles. We tied two bunches of bulbs on each length of twine, so they could be hung over a beam to dry. After tying together about eight wheel-barrows full of garlic of several varieties, we raised the beams into the higher reaches of the barn – an act that demanded a bit of teamwork, balance, and respect for the sharp twine that we used to hoist up the heavily loaded beams.

The bulbs will stay in their lofty hideout for the a couple of months before they’re fully cured and ready to be eaten. I’m already looking forward to tasting this years fresh batch of garlic, should be great!


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