2 Day Natural Cheesemaking Classes with David Asher

Want to learn how to make delicious cheeses in your own kitchen? It’s easier than you think. OUR is pleased to host radical natural cheesemaker David Asher at OUR ECOVILLAGE to teach a 2 day Natural Cheesemaking Workshop! 

DATE: February 22nd and 23rd, 2020 classes are from 10:00am – 5:30pm

COST: $375.99 CDN + the option of meals and accommodation (private or dorm). 

The classes will focus on techniques that can easily be reproduced at home or at small scale dairies.  Participants will learn how to take the steps to make their cheeses more naturally, without packaged starters, additives and chemicals, and how to source the best possible milk for their cheesemaking.  Workshops are demonstration style -we all make cheese together round the table.

Participants are asked to bring 2 small containers to the classes: one for taking home rennet, and another for kefir culture. Students are also asked to bring excess kefir grains, if they are keeping them, and have some to share.

Signed copies of David Ashers book The Art of Natural Cheesemaking will be available to purchase onsite at the workshop for $40 CDN per book 


David Asher is an organic farmer, farmstead cheesemaker and cheese educator based on the gulf islands of British Columbia, Canada. A guerrilla cheesemaker, David does not make cheese according to standard industrial philosophies – he explores traditionally cultured and more organic methods of cheesemaking.

David offers cheese outreach to communities near and far with the Black Sheep School of Cheesemaking.  Through workshops in partnership with food-sovereignty-minded organizations, he shares his distinct cheesemaking style.  His workshops teach a cheesemaking method that is natural, DIY, and well suited to the home kitchen or artisanal production.