2009 A year in review

2009 A year in review

Posted on: December 1, 2010

I am constantly blown away by the amount of stuff that gets done around here.  Everyone who lives here, who goes off site for a day or more, says the same thing “I always feel like I miss out on so much”.  And it’s true.  Over the weekend, the builders, namely Alexis and Jay nearly finished putting the board and baton on the west wall of Taj 2.

Board & Baton on Taj 2

Simultaneously, uber coder extraordinaire squeezed in a site upgrade for our home page.  It doesn’t take long for the whole world to change around here!

Imagine a year of change? Try 2009! One of the main pieces I am working on this week is bringing all of the social media up to date, including Flickr, which means I get to look through tons of photos!  The beginning of this week has been primarily getting the 2009 photos titled, tagged and up on the web.  Do you realize that the Freya’s house has come all this way in only a year and a half? Earthen Bag Foundation…

Earth Bag Foundation Workshop

Timber Framing…

Timber Frame Raising


Natural Skillbuilder: cob

Cut straw bale…

Cut Strawbale Workshop

Rammed earth… Oh wait… that’s 2010!

Freya's House: Rammed Earth Wall

And Freya’s house isn’t even the half of it!  Come and check out the flickr photos of Natural Building Skillbuilders, the Garden, the Food, the Animals, the Festivals, events and holidays for this year and last. You won’t even recognize the place!


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