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Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.

Financial Support Opportunity!

Dear friends

Allow me to introduce Ndanifore Permaculture Eco-village in Cameroon: Member of GEN (Global Ecovillage Network) it proposes to be a model for sustainable development in its region and beyond.

A Permaculture Plan has been prepared and gardens are already producing organic food, an Orphanage is operating and now a center for education of youth and women will be created- this is what I read on the website and in a newsletter .

Recently I received an invitation to come and help set up training programs for Natural Building, as well as participate in the facilitation of the annual workcamp “Together for a Better World”, which will take place August 1-21, 2013 at the village site in Bafut.

CM and I are ready to go, have begun preparations and booked our tickets.  Our commitment is to go for three months, work for the organization and develop a framework for the training for natural building, train trainers, and begin a “village to village “ relationship between O.U.R. Ecovillage and Ndanifor Permaculture Eco-village.

With such a short notice  crowdsource funding isn’t practical, so we reach out to you to help make this work possible.
Our goal is to raise $3000 by August
If you can support our work with a cash donation even as little as 10 $ it will make a difference! Donations can be made to our paypal account (elke@elkecole.com).

A project page on Elke’s website www.elkecole.com will provide updates, relevant links and illustrate the progress of the work there.

We are very excited about this new relationship and hope to develop a long/term relationship between Ecovillages.

Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.