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Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.

Rick Juliusson Jul2014

July14 – Executive Director Report

It’s mid-July and we’re all here! Brandy, the leadership team at OUR, and the growing legion of supporters around the world who are coming together to make this happen. It’s been a difficult, magical ride, and we may not be through it all yet but we’re growing through it together.

On the ground, OUR team has continued to jell, carrying off events such as the Eco-Building Extravaganza, an international music festival, and education programs with several schools and universities. We thankfully still have Brandy’s infinite experience and perspective to guide us when needed, while being able to take on more and more of the operational planning and implementation. Sometimes I think my role as interim Executive Director is little more than saying, “You’re doing great!”

We take this managing role seriously, because it’s what lets Brandy continue to do what she needs to take care of herself and her family. Of course she’s still involved more than the standard doctor would order, but we’ve seen her miraculously take the time for her treatments, recovery process, and personal/family time even while programs are on the go. We’re all learning to trust.

Financially, I have to be blunt – we’re on the edge. We are paying the bills, but this campaign is still in its critical hour. Brandy needs more follow-up treatments than current funding allows. There’s the possibility that Trent will have to go away to work again while his wife and daughter still need him here. And funding for this interim leadership solution is still a key to letting Brandy maintain her focus on healing.

With your support, OUR Ecovillage can not only survive this time, but come out stronger, and closer to achieving our long-term vision of sustainable community. Building are being completed that allow for year-round activity and revenue. New land partners are coming forward to allow transfer of land title to the co-operative. The leadership team is growing in capacity. The clarity and urgency that this type of crisis bring forward have let (or forced) us put the pieces in place for lasting change.

If you’ve already donated, please bring other visionaries into this campaign. If you’re still waiting to invest, please know that now is the time. A year from now we will all look back on this summer as a critical moment in the history of OUR Ecovillage, and know that we all played our different parts to make it through.

Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.