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Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.

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Checking in from OUR Education and Outreach:

Ahhh – the season of school groups!  From K-12 programs to many University and College folks….we have been hosting some of the most amazing learners and volunteers this season.  This has been quite an exceptional team dynamic and we have been all teachers and all learners together on the path.  With this said we are in the midst of working to fund ongoing school groups onsite and hopefully be able to engage all the more children/youth/families in the opportunity of learning to create healthy food systems, farming with animal friends, alternative energy and waste systems, sustainable governance, food/kitchen crafting, ecological design and green building construction….and generally living sustainably given the many challenges of our current generation on the planet.  OUR demonstration site and education centre has become a haven for so many, youngers and olders, who seek to find hope and possibility in the myriad of existing challenges in todays world of issues we face.  Come and join a learning circle, volunteer, or jump into some of OUR training.
Next for the winter is OUR “Sustainable Wellness Programming” and the incredible team of doctors, health practitioners and new folks who provide treatment in OUR Healing Sanctuary and for retreats as part of OUR ‘Eco-Wellness Team’. Book Gift Certificates for your family and friends to get into any of these sessions and full day/weekend programs.  Just call OUR office or email:  info@ourecovillage.org
In community,
Brandy Gallagher BSW, MA

Permaculture. Sustainable Food Production. Natural Building. Education. Community.