2018 Harvest Feastival

October 6th 2018
1:00pm - 9:00pm

One of our favourite ways to prepare for the next year is to take a moment to get a sense of all that has happened in the most recent growing season and celebrate the life and times of all the friends and family that contributed in so many amazing ways at OUR Ecovillage in the last year. We do this annually at OUR Harvest Feastival, which occurs this year on October 6th (Saturday).

It is a time for us to have everyone see what incredible projects, people, and processes have unfolded in the space since we were last together. Please join with us and spread the word to all the folks who have graced this space over the last ten years (or more!) It is time to celebrate and honour all those that have been and all that magically has been created. After a year of incredible healing and triumph over adversity, we at the Village wish to share our huge gratitude with the wider community for all of their thoughts and support this year. In that spirit, we are thrilled to offer this event as a huge collaborative party, massive thank you, and gathering with the community! This event is free for OUR Sustainers, as part of our thanks for their participation in our program. 

All others donations are welcomed, if works for you, within the Gift Economy!

We will provide main dishes befitting a Harvest Feastival and ask the community to share their favourite sides, potluck-style. The fruits of a pumpkin pie “co-opetition” will round out the menu, along with a no-host bar. We have some fantastic entertainment lined up, and invite you to bring your own as well, however that might look (let us know, so we can sketch out a schedule).

Harvest Feastival schedule:

1:00–3:00pm: Guided Site Tours with introduction to OUR ECOVIILLAGE; updates of new projects, people, processes for folks who have just arrived for the first time!
3:00–5:00pm: Tea and Pie Making Co-opitition begins.  Make one of OUR pies or bring your own prize winning secret recipe pie and bake it while having tea and sharing your recipe.
5:00-6:00pm: No host libations, snacks and time for connecting and catching up.

6:00pmZero Mile Meal Feast – OUR team puts on the Wild Turkey, potatoes, wheelbarrow full of salad/dressing (from OUR land) **you bring a potluck and a pie if you are in OUR Pie Co-opitition! With a special ceremony and Gratitude Circle to give thanks for the blessings we’ve received in 2017
7:30 pm: Music Talent show. Passion show, bring your passions and talent 2-onwards into the night

This is an HUGE evening of gratitude from all of OUR onsite and offsite family and friends of all folks of the last 15+ years!!  This is a time to celebrate life, vitality, love, possibilities, inspiration, and…what’s next!
This event is by donation + bring your pot-luck contribution!
RSVP appreciated!
Please email marketing@ourecovillage.org for registration