2020 Intro to Permaculture & Ecovillage Design with Starhawk Online

An Introduction to Permaculture & Ecovillage Design

Here we are at this time of unprecedented change – and we recognize that every one of us is part of this new CALL TO ACTION!! Permaculture Design has been recognized the world over as a solutionary potency for creating amazing transformation within our full life systems and the needed planetary/earth healing as well.  Ecovillage Design is now also known the world over, by Governments to scientists, as a earth/life design ‘to re-invent the future’.  Starhawk and the Earth Activist Training international has teamed up yet again with OUR ECOVILLAGE in an effort to bring both of these design frameworks forward in service of the efforts we all need to make as we move into our collective future.

In these ‘Certainly uncertain Times’ we all become designers and learners as we move towards practical skills development and personal/social collaboration skill building in ways that we may never have even thought possible before!  Please join us for this online forum – with real life examples of operating permaculture systems (OUR is known for it’s ‘lawful permaculture’ work and decades of regulatory reform for mainstreaming permaculture systems and land care/protection), for ceremony and ritual, for meaningful mindfulness, network building and activism in critical times, and soooo much more – all in an online environment.

This program will be recorded and have an offline component as well for those who are in other time zones.  Please feel free to contact us with needs/ideas for making this work for as many people as possible!!

Jump in to join the first few days of OUR 72 hour Permaculture Design course. This introductory course will teach you the basics of design, ethics, and principles of permaculture.

What is the Introduction to Permaculture Course?

This informative course will give you all the basics of design, ethics, and principles of permaculture as you join us for the first 2 1/2 days of our Permaculture Design Certificate course. Join us as we learn the basics in sustainable design with a group of like minded participants who are also on the journey of changing their way of thinking in the world and how they treat the earth.

In this introductory workshop OUR Ecovillage will focus on organizing, activating, and educating through their real on the ground permaculture projects. Learn how we design human systems that mimic natural systems using a minimum of energy and resources and how to create real abundance and social/environmental justice. Explore the strategies and organizing tools we need to make our visions real, as well as the daily practice, magic, and processes that sustain our spirits.

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The Intro to Permaculture Course is $232.00 plus tax

Friday 7-9pm PST
Saturday 10am-12:30pm and 3-5:00pm and 7-9pm
Sunday 10-12:30pm and 2-4:00pm


  • Land Acknowledgement
  • History and Ethics
  • Agreements for Schedule and Technology overview (tips on how to keep learning flow)
  • Create Container:  Response to the Needs of these Times – why
  • Permaculture/ecovillages & Why Now
  • History and Ethics
  • Ceremony


  • Elders Welcome from Cowichan Nation and Elders
  • Principles and of Permaculture Design
  • Ecovillage Design and Introduction to OUR E/V
  • bio break
  • Embodied principles and immersed learning environments land and systems


Homework for tonight


Evening Film:  Growing Edge (Q & A)


  • Conversation, facilitated groups, hands-on
  • harvesting our learning
  • Closing Ritual

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Teachers and Topics


Starhawk is an author, activist, permaculture designer, and one of the foremost voices in earth-based spirituality. Her twelve books include The Spiral DanceThe Fifth Sacred ThingThe Earth Path, and her first picture book for children, The Last Wild Witch.

Charles Williams

Over the past two decades Charles has stewarded many pieces of land throughout the United States, including Diana’s Grove in Missouri, Farm & Wilderness summer camp in Vermont, and Golden Rabbit Ranch in California. 

Brandy Gallagher

Brandy is OUR Ecovillage Co-founder and Developer, was OUR Community Association Executive Director for 17 years, OUR Community Association Executive Director, OUR Ecovillage Cooperative Founding Member, Sustainable Communities Teacher and Consultant, and Mother.

  • Intro to place-based learning and immersed learning environments.
  • Overview of permaculture design curriculum, theory introduction
  • Ethics and Principles Day
  • Principles in Practice
  • Patterns, Systems Theory
  • How/why Permaculture and Ecological Design is changing the face of building and living
  • Dinner and full site tour followed by campfire circle and building community connection.

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What makes OUR ECOVILLAGE so special?

OUR courses are unique from almost all others as you are stepping into OUR ECOVILLAGE – a 25 acre “Sustainable Living Demonstration Site and Education Centre” and one of the most built out permaculture projects in North America.

For over 20 years OUR ECOVILLAGE has been working towards “Lawful Permaculture”; having every innovative design and building project that we have created also be fully zoned, permitted & approved by regulatory officials. 

Through partnering with all 3 levels of government, business & corporate sponsors, academia, and the grassroots of the wider community and it’s organizations; at OUR we bring together a range of professionals, permaculture teachers, regulatory folks, and technical stakeholders ready to train others in the next stages of how permaculture projects can become fully legal – like OURS!

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