2020 OUR Little Permie Kids Camp

2020 Little Permie Kids Camp
A Full Day Permaculture Camp for Kids

This camp is for children accompanying parents taking part in the
2020 Permaculture Design Certificate & Earth Activist Training
includes food and accommodation – dorm or camping.
$475 CAD per child

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OUR Little Permie Kids Camp – A Permaculture Camp for Kids! This camp is an educational immersion program for kids that runs alongside our Permaculture Design Certificate and Earth Activist Training. Jump in with our world renown permaculture teachers including Starhawk and Charles Williams, UBC teacher candidates on their practicum and a range of guest teachers through this program crossover catered especially for kids who want to learn permaculture amongst some of the best in the field.

This permaculture camp is an opportunity for even the youngest permaculturalists to join in on OUR famous adult courses.

Kids, join your adults and stay overnight at OUR ECOVILLAGE and discover the possibilities of what living and learning in the community can offer children, and how they can use these principles to live in harmony with the world they will inherit.

Spanning the entire length of OUR Permaculture Design Certificate and Earth Activist Training this camp gives children the chance to explore and experience many of the same topics covered in our course geared towards adults.

During this course we will have much to learn about how to live sustainably in the natural world, and kids will be taken on an adventure learning through plant identification, wildcrafting, sustainable water projects, how to care for farm animals, storytelling, carving workshops, bookmaking, explorations in the forest, family field trips, yoga, sing-alongs around the campfire, and how to work in harmony with nature growing their own food in community.

Join us in our natural cob buildings for hands-on projects as we learn in a diverse range of ways at one of the most built out ecovillages in North America.


Activities include:

  • Morning circles
  • Gathering songs
  • Yoga
  • Gratitude circles
  • Game: Rabbit holes
  • Make clues and hide a letterbox
  • How to create a map
  • How to care for farm animals
  • Introduction to knife skills
  • Permaculture ethics
  • Talks about zoning and sectioning land
  • Adventures on nature trails
  • Deer Ears Activity
  • Feel the predator game
  • Journal time and personal reflection
  • OUR Nature Museum in the yurt
  • Closing circle and campfire
  • and more!

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