Six years old – making a difference!

Six years old – making a difference!

February 28, 2012 Brandy Protect OUR Ecovillage 0

Tavion, Elizabeth, Brandy and Freya the day Tavion delivered his donation.

We were recently blessed to recieve the following email:

“My grandson Tavion attended one of your summer camps 2011 and loved it. When I was checking my emails around christmas I came across your email asking for help to keep O.U.R. Ecovillage alive. I read the email to Tavion and this was his response. “You know that LEGO Castle I have been saving up for, well I don’t want it anymore, I want to give my money to Ecovillage so I can go to camp again”. This coming from a 6 year old was incredible to me. I knew that I already wanted to help out, so, myself plus some of my family will be donating with Tavion. We also want to do more and have a few ideas up our sleeves. Guess I wanted to write to you to share Tavions’ story, but also show that there are a lot of people regardless of age who feel a real passion for Ecovillage, the people and the incredible work that you all do. When I walked on to the property everyday for that week, a sense of calm came over me that would last the rest of my day. How special is that?”

Thank you Tavion and grandma, Elizabeth, for being part of this community and allowing us to share this.

Here’s the story:
In the summer of 2011, 6 year old Tavion came to a week long children’s camp at OUR. Like many summer camps there were lots of fun outdoor activities but this camp also offered the children opportunities to learn African drumming and dancing. and even play with a little mud mixture – or cob as we call it. He had a wonderful and memorable time!

Fast forward to November 2011 and the launch of Protect OUR Ecovillage campaign. Tavion learned from his grandmother that the Ecovillage might be threatened with closing if funds could not be raised for the mortgage. That would mean no more summer camps at the Ecovillage.

Now, Tavion had been saving his money for a super, new Lego set he dearly wanted. He saved his birthday gift money. He saved precious coins the tooth fairy left under his pillow. He saved his Christmas gift money. He saved his allowance. And when he heard that OUR might close and the children would not be able to come back to the village and visit the sheep and pigs and the ducks and turkeys and learn about cob and play music in the fields – he decided to give all of the money he had saved to help protect OUR Ecovillage!

Tavion has become the youngest donor to the Protect OUR Ecovillage campaign. He prsented his donation of $68 to OUR Executive Director Brandy Gallagher. To sweeten the pot even more, Tavion’s donation right away brought in more contributions to the fund as his grandmother and another family member each matched his donation!

What a wonderful, heartfelt gift to OUR! What a great inspiration for all of us! What an amazing young philanthropist in the making. Tavion: we thank you! And acknowledge the lesson that no matter our age or size – each of us has something to give.


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