A Hay Ride

A Hay Ride

May 13, 2011 Uncategorised 0

I think that the blog posts from the farm are the best ones. They are always doing interesting stuff out there.

This is why we don’t often have blog posts about what is going on in the office. We don’t do fun stuff. Well… there was that one time with all the balloons… but really the farm has it going on (I know this because I can hear them playing ninja every morning before their team meeting while I sit here with cold toast and talk about how I feel about …. ) Oh right. This is a post about the interesting things that are happening on the farm.

So today they got this mondo load of hay. I wanted to get in on it…. so I took some pictures. But then someone asked me if I was working… which meant that it looked like I wasn’t working… so I went back to work 🙂 Enjoy!

They hay crew. Also the Garden Team. And the Farm Team.

Showin’ off their pipes…

As it turns out though…

J-dawg was the only one working…

He told me all about how he unloaded and stacked every bale, all by himself. It was the hardest day he had yet on the farm. In a good way.

No one wanted to corroborate that story though, which may or may not mean that it is true. The Garden/Farm/Hay Team is a bit of a suspicious bunch.


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