A Message from Rick Juliusson (November 2014)

A Message from Rick Juliusson (November 2014)

Posted on: November 6, 2014

rick-EDOUR “Protect OUR Ecovillage” campaign has been a powerful lesson in how the global community can rally together to make a difference. And it’s been a humbling experience for me, knowing that hundreds of people who could not be here in person sent their support through financial contributions, entrusting me to be on the ground helping to fulfill our collective desire to see OUR Ecovillage through a hard time and into a new era. It’s an honour and a responsibility I have not taken lightly.

So what have we accomplished together over the past 7 months?

1. We survived. OUR programs still ran, we reduced our debt

2. We worked together. New people stepped up to leadership, and new ways of communication and decision making were developed that will serve us well in the future.

3. We looked inside. We’ve launched a comprehensive “GRI” process to evaluate our triple-bottom line–social, economic and financial–in a way that allows for direct comparison to businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

4. We moved forward. The co-op is poised to finally achieve the long-time goal of taking ownership and running OUR Ecovillage. New board members, new members, outgoing member shares redeemed, mortgage applications under discussion with several financial institutions, and an updated business plan showing our financial and operational viability.

The overall campaign is not over, and the work is not done. But at this resting spot–like the mountain-climbers’ staging camp just before the final assault on a peak–I say thank you for your trust and your support. Together, we have not only survived a challenging time, but used it as a bridge to a new era of collective ownership and growth.

Rick Juliusson, Transition Consultant


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