A message from Rick Juliusson (Sept, 2014)

A message from Rick Juliusson (Sept, 2014)

Posted on: September 16, 2014
Fall is a time of harvest, renewal, and preparing for the coming year.  On the farm, we are happily picking, preserving, sharing at the farmer’s market and CSA program, planting winter crops, and already preparing rows for a long winter’s nap. The better we mulch and cover crop the garden now, the better our spring wake-up will be.

The same applies to the organizational side of OUR life. While completing the programs and events we’ve been preparing for all summer, we’re also rolling up our sleeves and diving into a season of planning.  This fall we look forward to reviewing our progress over the past several years then creating a new long-term strategic plan. Then growing out of that, a very detailed plan for 2015 that shows monthly schedules, cashflow, numbers of programs and participants, strategies to make every program fully subscribed and successful, and human resources needed to do it all in a healthy balanced way.

erica-breau_school-groupTransparency is also a priority, now and always, at OUR Ecovillage. We are developing reports for the two boards (non-profit and co-op), Stewardship Council, and co-op members to show where we’re at and where we’re going. And we’re working with Jeff Leinaweaver and Tamara Gordy to develop a comprehensive triple-bottom line analysis of how OUR is achieving triple-bottom-line outcomes through the “Global Reporting Initiative.” This tool is used by Fortune 500 companies around the world, and we will be the first ecovillage and first co-operative to use it. Once again, OUR Ecovillage will be breaking new ground, allowing for a fact-based comparison between OUR way of doing things and the more conventional businesses out there.

Come on by OUR Ecovillage and you’ll feel change in the air. Cooling weather, farmers on the final push, and the whole team able to lift their eyes to the horizon and form visions and plans together. It’s a good time to produce, plant and plan.

Rick Juliusson


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