A natural building internship in Cameroon with Elke Cole

A natural building internship in Cameroon with Elke Cole

September 4, 2014 Permaculture 0

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By Elke Cole

Can you imagine yourself in Cameroon?

The way life works for me, opportunities knock via linkedIn, facebook or other connections, and I follow my gut feeling when it’s time to decide.

In June 2013 I received such an invitation from Joshua Konkankoh of Better World Cameroon. Until that point Cameroon was barely on my mental map, and I didn’t have any idea regarding circumstances there. The Better World agenda was a familiar one: development of an ecovillage, a learning center for Permaculture, sustainability education.

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At the end of July 2013 my husband and I arrived in Douala and travelled from there to Bamenda accompanied by Joshua. He met us at the airport with the most welcoming smile. We immediately felt we were in the right place. Relationships with Better World people continued to be like that: welcoming, inclusive, like family. We stayed 9 months–got involved in many aspects of the organisation and started some natural building too!

Today we’re planning our return for October 2014, with lots of ideas and plans for action.

Through our partnership with O.U.R.Ecovillage we connected with LUSH Canada and received funding for the construction of a meeting hall with kitchen at Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage. Since traditional building and natural building are closely related we will work with local craftsmen and introduce some techniques from the world, which have proven useful in this climate.

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We are inviting a small team of interns from the “North” to help bring this about. I have met many young builders in my years at OUR Ecovillage and I put out a special call to you: As Alumni of OUR Skillbuilder programs you can join at a reduced fee of $ 1600 for a 3 Month program from December 8–March 1.

A visit to the webpage will tell you more about the ideas.

So…imagine leaving winter behind for a season of cross-cultural learning and sharing. Immerse yourself in the culture of Bafut where community action is very much alive. Bring your passion for sustainable living and building and relax into the African pace.

To apply, please go to the webpage and fill out the form. Mention your connection to O.U.R. Ecovillage and let’s build something beautiful!


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