A Note from Transition Consultant Rick Juliusson

A Note from Transition Consultant Rick Juliusson

March 19, 2014 Brandy Business Community 0

Every challenge presents an opportunity; even more so if you’re prepared for it. As I come into this new role as “Transition Consultant,” I’m keenly aware that what may feel like a crisis is in reality something we’ve been working together towards for a long time, perhaps even from the very beginning.

I’m not talking about Brandy’s medical condition here, but rather about the leadership transition OUR Ecovillage. It has always been the vision to have a community that is fully owned and managed by a strong community, and we are now being forced to take another large stride in that direction. Perhaps not at the exact timing we would have chosen, but then again, perhaps at the exact time that it was meant to happen.

Without really knowing it, all my prior involvement with OUR has been part of this path. I began in 2004 as a two-month resident, living with my young family in a tent in the bitter fall cold and getting that initial “hook.” Since then I’ve helped the society out with developing Strategic Plans, a “Dynamic Governance” framework, and a Business Plan, and also supported the co-op’s transition to a Community Services Co-op. Put together, these pieces provide the direction, method, financial feasibility, and structural framework needed for long-term sustainability and community ownership.

This is the next challenge, then–to redefine the roles and responsibilities of the many people who work so hard to keep OUR Ecovillage thriving and growing. I’m not in any way stepping in as the new Brandy (as if that could ever be possible!) I’m supporting the many good people and teams who believe in and manifest OUR vision, so that when Brandy is healthy and ready to return she will find a strong leadership team, and find a new and healthy role to play within it.

As we put forth loving energy for Brandy, let’s also throw our full support behind the Stewardship Council’s fundraising drive, and behind the leadership team as we rise to the challenge and create a new paradigm for how we work together.


During his time in this role, Rick can be reached via management[at]ourecovillage[dot]org.



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