A Summer…. A Life Time of Memories

A Summer…. A Life Time of Memories

September 25, 2011 Uncategorised 0

Time at O.U.R. Ecovillage can seem to slow down but simultaneously hit warp speed.  Then all of a sudden you look up and three months have passed.  It seems like yesterday, Lisa was introducing me on this very blog, I was creating a new home in my tent and learning how to slow back down to natures pace.  But as I say farewell, I wish to express my gratitude to the wonderful teachers that have shared their wisdom and talents, the family that has formed in my heart and the life time of memories that have cemented their place in my thoughts.  I came in a box and left free of walls and endless possibilities.

Having an opportunity to spend a summer at an Ecovillage is one that I’m going to remember for years to come and will always recommend for anyone looking to find some space in their life.  And while I had oodles of fun I also learned much about who I was and the person I intend to become.  I’d like to share some of those with you all, as a final parting gift and maybe you can take something away from it or maybe not… but thank you, from my heart, for listening.

What’s I’ve learned….

People are beautiful, intelligent, interesting, and dynamic beyond belief.  Each soul has a story.  Having the ability to sit, listen and enjoy their stories / experiences takes time and patience but, is SO worth it.  Open your heart and listen with the fullest intentions and you will learn…. oh how you’ll learn.

Slowing down in life is essential to finding happiness – from the food we eat to the conversations we enjoy – they must be nurtured with deep love and the only way to find that love is by taking the time to stop and appreciate it.  Find a moment everyday and BE GRATEFUL!

To have patience with ALL beings, shatters perceived notions and opens up the flood gates for compassion and understanding.  Each has something to teach you or you, them.  It might not come to light right away but, be patient, it will.

I’ve learned it’s possible to open your eyes beyond that which you think you are capable of. Traits you find annoying in others, are found within each of us in the same way.  On the flip of this, the ones you admire are also deeply engrained in you.  Be cautious of judgement – it is a reflection directly of yourself.

Checking in, in the morning is a great way to start your day, especially if some Ninja is involved.

A fresh fig off the tree is pure magic!

That wearing rubber boots as much as possible will makes you feel young at heart.

Composting Toilets are the wave of the future! You should get on it and make a deposit!

I’ve learned that it is ok to scrutinize long held values or ideals that have gone unchecked for years.

Smiles and hugs go a long way and should be given often – to everyone!

I’ve learned that when folks collectively come together for a common goal….pure magic is possible!

and As with all learning, I find that there is  something to continually keep that train moving but, it does require you to stay open to the magic that surrounds you always.

So while I am officially done at O.U.R. Ecovillage know that my thoughts and love are still with you all.
Much Love & Hugs,


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